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11-30-04, 09:07 PM
Before I post anything, I'd like to ask anyone with any comments, positive or negative, to PM me. Though, if you're going to PM me to try to convert me to Christianity after reading my spiritually-themed works, it won't work and will probably get you laughed at, so you might not want to waste your time.

My poems are meant to be read with a full stop at the end of each line. The meter might not flow properly if they're not read this way.


11-30-04, 09:09 PM
Mother's Love
'A mother’s love is clean and pure
And given freely,’ so they say.
Mothers are merely human, though,
And it doesn’t always work that way.
But love there should be, every time,
To let a youngster freely be
It needn’t always be pure or true
But must exist in some degree.

You never did respect that truth.
You never truly cared for me.
You never really knew my soul.
You never took the time to know.

You never bothered once to look
And know the person deep inside.
You weren’t truly there for me
When I needed someone to confide.

You say I never let you in,
In truth I rarely did permit,
But all the same you never looked
For chances to be changing this.

You still do not respect that truth.
You do not want to understand.
You never really knew my soul.
You never took the time to know.

You wonder now why I am mad
And act as though you’ve wounded deep.
You do not see the wounds, nor know
How oft’ I’ve cried myself to sleep

You act like giving favors is
Your work’s entirety and whole
You seem to never realize
A mother’s love should touch the soul.

You do not wish to hear that truth.
You think the burden isn’t yours.
You never really knew my soul.
You never took the time to know.

I pity you, you know not love,
Its never-failing warm embrace,
I hope you may discover this,
But this hope’s mingled with despair.

I wish one day to know your love,
A wish that shrouds my heart with pain,
For though I wish with all my heart
I know within, my wish’s in vain.