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12-01-04, 10:24 AM
So I know this may not be too relevant here since most of us are addults and all but even you guys have christmas wishes. What you wishin' for this x-mas?

Me...I really just want a new computer, the "family" computer isn't "family-friendly" at all, thought it does tend to cause wars between family members about who gets to use it next or what have you, it constantly breaks down due to 1.being old 2.small amount of file storage 3. 3 people storing things on it 4. virused out the wazoo

My other wish was that I could fly (in a plane) to see my friends, relatives and gf in WA.

Niether of which have been confirmed, hoping at least one of them is possible (and yes my mother isn't the only money donor in this, I have a bit that I'm pitching in)
My mom though, yesterday, bought me 3 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and a very nice jacket. 3 pairs (black) pants which are my preferance, 2 shirts (one has the Punisher logo, the other says "I'm Smiling.......That Should Scare You!")[she said it reminded her of me] the jacket is plugg brand and very nice black on all of these, I'm very surprised. My mom was against me wearing all black but I had expressed to her how it felt more like my style (plus no one around here wears only black so it's even my "own" style here)
My little sister helped me get a hold of 4 spike bracelets and a choker, I was quite proud of her "persuasive" powers.

So I'm actually quite happy...what about yall?

12-01-04, 12:50 PM
Not many black wearers huh? thats a big around here in some crowds....

I'm a Mom of a part goth,skater girl, part punker style daughter :D I lover her style.

I wish for a new car for Christmas (not going to happen :D but I can wish)

12-03-04, 12:16 AM
That's good that you let your daughter dress the way she desires. Most moms hate it, my friends step-mom really really hates it she burns his black clothes and such, but she is....crazy. My mom normally hates it, but iunno lately she hasn't complained so I guess shes getting ok with it.
New grandpa wants me to get a new one cuz I'm like...pushing my truck to it's limits the way I drive (wreckless around my friends to show off sorta...cuz thats one thing I can show off at...) but I swear I'm in good control of my pickup they dont believe me tho lol, I can get it on two wheels which scares the heck outta anyone.