View Full Version : B12 seems to be helping me...could it be something else? (not ADD)

08-01-12, 01:46 AM
Thought short lived and varying in its level of effectiveness, b12 has repeatidly helped my ADD, OCD anxiety over the years. I do not have anything close to a b12 deficiency as far as blood tests can tell but high doses of b12 seem to time and again give temporary relief of my symptoms. But in the past the effect tended to lessen over time despite consistent dosage/interval. Almost like the pattern of a stimulant tolerance (but feels much different from stims).

I've recently started doing heavy research on methyl-b12 treatment for autism and pursuing this. I started off with high dosage mb12 sublingual...eventually IM cyanocobalamin injections, then mb12 nasal spray, now mb12 injections.

I had my first subcutaneous mb12 injection today after a few weeks of being on an mb12 nasal spray with varying levels of symptom relief (but never quite as much as I had experienced when i first discovered b12's effects a few years ago).

My hope is that this "works". But regardless of whether it does, what could be going on here? When it "works" I feel more patient, less anxious & OCD, able to focus easily and act more rationally. I feel less dependent on my mood and more able to steer the ship and think clearly with less constant fear.