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08-01-12, 10:02 AM
I started taking Adderall a few months ago and quickly realized the stimulant was causing me to rapid cycle. My mood was off the charts. I felt like a monster. So I went back into my pdoc and he started me on Geodon. This medication made me worse and killed my sex drive. So when I went back 2 weeks later I requested Seroquel. Mainly because it doesn't affect sex drive and actually boosts it. The problem with Seroquel is the weight gain and tiredness threw out the day.

I was prescribed 100mg to start and told I could still take my Adderall (20mgs) twice a day.( even though lately I cut it down to 15 mgs total the last week or so). I want to know if anyone is taking these two together Adderall/Seroquel) and if so does the Adderall counteract the sugar/food craving like I was hoping, and also if the Seroquel helps to control the stimulant/bipolar caused mood swings.

I started the Seroquel last night and took 20mgs this morning of Adderall. so far I fell foggy. I'm assuming I need to get used to the new medication...Will some walk me threw their experience so I have an idea on what to watch for. :thankyou:

I want to add since I'm not using Seroquel to sleep the mgs will go into the 300s to become more of a therapeutic dose for bipolar mixed. I am aware at this point it becomes less sedating. I'm aware Seroquel and Adderall attack different dopamine receptors. I just wanted someone to tell me how it's been working or not working for them.

08-01-12, 10:13 AM
I'm currently on both and find that I need a little more Seroquel for sleep (that's the only reason I take it), but I don't think I have other interactions.

10-26-12, 11:02 AM
Hey, I don't take amphetamines but I DO take Ritalin and Seroquel together. I find that as long as I take my 300mg of Seroquel at night I can avoid alot of the excessive eating.

From my understanding, the lower dosages of Seroquel tend to be MORE sedating than higher ones. When I was on 100mg I felt more tired than I do now. Many people say once they hit a certain point with the Seroquel the drowsiness does subside.

10-27-12, 02:06 PM
I actually wanted to come here and make a thread on this same thing, so I hope you get some answers!

I'm concerned about the possible weight gain caused by Seroquel and how Adderall would effect that, since it suppresses appetite.

I'm also wondering why my doctor gave me such a low dosage for Seroquel since she thinks I'm Bipolar. Is everyone started out at low dosages (I'm on 50mg) and increased gradually? She stated that it would help me sleep, but from what I'm seeing (mostly on these forums) is that at low dosages it helps sleep but not Bipolar symptoms, and at higher dosages it helps Bipolar symptoms but not sleep. So I'm confused about this.

02-02-13, 10:59 PM
Should always get mood stabilized first before ever taking stimulants... The dose of 100mg seems very low for a bipolar patient. In my hospitalization they tried upwards of 600mg. Are you on any other medication besides adderall and seroquel?