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Trooper Keith
12-01-04, 07:49 PM
Anatomy of a Panic Attack
Keith Miller

There it was again.
I heard it.
You didnít?
I see.
No, I am certainÖ
I have to goÖ
The door shuts, the lights flicker on.
Darkness, still.
Itís here.
What? Where? Why?
What isnít? Everywhere, and why not?
Because, this isnít real!
Oh but it is, it is.
Heart racing.
This is just another one againÖ
What if it isnít?
Is this the one?
Gasping for air.
I canít do it this time.
The air wonít come fast enough!
Thereís not enough!
This is the one!
I will suffocate now.
I will die.
Iím not dead?
This was not the one.
Will there ever be one?
Iím not sure.
Weíll find out next time.