View Full Version : How do you keep your room organized, or try to

08-02-12, 08:52 PM
Ok. What do you do to keep your room organized, if you do have it organized.

If you can't get it organized, why can't you, and what is filling it?

Currently I have these:

Keep in mind I have TONS of papers, videogames/books and small items everywhere. (I don't buy from dormco I got those things from walmart but some of the things listed seem nice and convenient)

I would like to see how others orgarnize their rooms so I can do better with my own because at times I get frustrated with how messy mine is.

08-03-12, 07:01 AM
I am so disorganized its like I clean one area by shifting piles then have to step over those piles to do something else.

08-03-12, 07:48 AM
If only I could just worry about my room!!

For me it's the whole bl**dy house...and the garden...and the sheds...

The only solution I have found is to have less stuff.

Hire a skip (ginormous bin) if you have to.

We've done that a few times.

Give away or sell stuff you don't need any more.

08-03-12, 07:59 PM
Put most of my things in storage. And clean/vacuum once every weekend. My bedroom isn't big enough to have all that storage in my room.

08-03-12, 08:00 PM
I have a husband. :lol:

I DO try though. I have that same closet organizer. I have finally mastered putting clothes in the hamper right away (okay, MOSTLY mastered).

08-04-12, 09:56 AM
I was diagnosed later in life (37) and through discussions with my counselor was told I had developed some self-treatment habits over time.

One being that I am hyper-organized. You could blindfold me and I could find anything at all in my house. However if you move anything that I've organized it really stresses me out. Co-workers enjoy coming into my office and moving my calculator, note-pad and stapler just because they know it will stress me out. Seems I ride the line of OCD/ADHD with some of my habits.

However at times I get over-organized. Folders on my computer are a good example. I'll keep sub-categorizing everything until I'm saving files six folders deep. But when I'm looking for a file my brain doesn't always think of the same categories as it did when I saved the file so it takes me a while to find things sometimes. Thank goodness for desktop search.

08-04-12, 10:47 AM
Thankfully, I also have a fella that does a lot of cleaning.

A lesson that has stuck with me forever, came from my grandmother.

Quote: "Sames together"

It's very simple, but effective. Try to keep like-items together. You don't want to have video game stacks in various places around the room, or 5 different places you keep paperwork.

If you keep your games in one place, put your controllers and cords and other video game accessories in that same place, for example.

I still don't have the system down pat, but it really helps me.

08-04-12, 03:37 PM
I throw everything that does not belong in a room in a huge bag and then throw the bag in the "dirty clothes + cat litter + paperwork + recycling etc" room of my appartment and one day I will clean that room (we litteraly cannot see the floor) and redistribute all the items to the places they belong...