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03-06-03, 05:58 PM
This is an ADDA Conference you won't want to miss!

Over 800 people from around the world, including most of the top professionals in the AD/HD field, will be in Portsmouth, VA, May 2-4 for Connections 2003 ó connecting to ideas, connecting to people, connecting to purposeful lives. This conference will be a time to reflect, a time to re-evaluate and a time to re-energize and recommit to what is valuable in your life. Come and benefit from the most complete, up-to-date and diverse resources on AD/HD. In three transformational days, you will acquire a number of innovative tools and ideas to manage, and, yes, even thrive, with your AD/HD.

All your favorite ADD experts will be there:

Edward Hallowell
Michele Novotni
Patricia Quinn
Kathleen Nadeau
Sari Solden
Sam Goldstein
Thom Hartmann

03-29-03, 01:27 PM

Thanks for sharing info on the upcoming ADDA conference. Register now to get discounts on registration, at

There'll be lots of great presentations for everyone, from the newly diagnosed, to the veterans. And...we have tons of fun. There's the benefit dinner, talent show, Yoga sessions, and more.

Come join us!

Terry Matlen, ACSW
ADDA, vice-prez

04-11-03, 01:05 PM
Is there anybody else here who will be attending the conference?

05-09-03, 06:43 PM
Tara -- HOW WAS THIS?????? Did you get me my personalized autograph from Dr. Hallowell or Sari Solden?? JUST KIDDING...but could we get a report....if you care to give us one????

THANKS and hope it was fun....:)

05-09-03, 08:12 PM
I will give a report soon....

05-14-03, 12:09 AM
can't wait...I'm holding my breath still...:) on this one...Tara...:)

05-15-03, 12:59 PM
The conference was an amazing experience both persoanally and professionally. My one regret is that I didnít get the chance to see or meet Sari Solden. In one of my ADD and lack of sleep moments I went to a different session instead of hers.

I did have the Oppurtunity to hear Dr. Hallowell Speak. He gave the closing speech. I was blown away by it. He is an amazing speaker and so full of postive energy. Most of the room had their eyes filled up with tears whne he was done speaking.

I also got to hear Thom Hartmann and meet him in person. He too is a wonderful speaker.

I also met the authors Michele Novontni, Patricia Quinn, Kathleen Nadeau, Michael Bell.

I was very impressed with almost all of the sessions that I attended. It was very hard for me to choose between some sessions. Other people there moved from session to session in true ADD fashion but I wanted to stay with the same one.

Just being around so many ADDers was great. I met so many wonderful people.

As many of you know I am quite active in the online AD/HD community but this was the 1st time I attended anything in person other than a couple of AD/HD support groups.

05-15-03, 01:05 PM
You should all consider joining ADDA too!!

05-15-03, 01:18 PM
Tara -- Totally cool...thanks for that...sounds like you had an awesome time hearing all those great speakers and meeting the authors you did......not surprised Dr. Hallowell had the entire audience in can tell by the heart-felt and animated way he writes....

You stayed with same speakers?? didn't jump around like typical ADD fashion?? cool too. .. by staying with same ones, it made you totally present and focussed for the ones you did attend.

Good for you...your first in-person exciting and must have been wild being with all those add-ers.....I can only imagine what that must have been like......thanks for the report!!!

05-21-03, 08:29 PM
And I finally got to meet Tara! (wish we had time to chat- I was running all around like a mad woman).

Glad you liked the conference and got to hear the great speakers we had.


05-21-03, 10:18 PM
I knew I forgot somebody....It was great finally meeting Terry too...

05-21-03, 10:23 PM
...and you look just like your picture!
Yea, wish there had been time to get to know you in person. Hopefully next time!


05-22-03, 12:07 AM
Congratulations. Conferences are a great way to make professional connections, to meet interesting people, to be energized and educated, and find direction in a field of interest. I just returned from my first conference myself, on psychodrama, and was overwhelmed with the intense creative information, and the wonderful opportunity to meet authors, professors, famous therapists, and be influenced by their speeches and guidance. I will be going to many more conferences in the future, now that I know how incredible conferences can be. So I very much relate to your enthusiasm about the conference you attended.