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12-03-04, 02:02 AM
Hi. I am a Senior Fashion Design Major at Brenau University in Gainesville, GA.

Since I can remember, I've always drifted off and day dreamed in class. My parents could tell me things, and think I heard them but I was off in my own little world. I also tend to jump around from idea to idea when I'm talking and people who are not use to me can get lost. However, since I was an Honors student and an artist, no one though any different.

I never thought that I had ADD unitl I came to college. I remember seeing that television ad where that lady is in a confrense and it shows her mind flipping like a tv would. I was like, "That's what my mind does" to my parents. I read more about Adult ADD, and sure enough it was like reading a description of myself. When I later told my friends I had it, they were like no kidding.

I went to my mom's neurologist and told him how I felt and he perscribed me Strattera. I took it for three months, and I felt horrible. I could focus better than ever, but I was so tired that I passed out at night. I felt grogy in morning too.

I took myself off of it, and it's been a year and I'm coping how I've always cope. Now, I'm more aware when my ADD is bad and it's always worse when I'm tired.. However, I find that caffine is my friend.

I would like to try something else, especially if I'm going into the career field, but I'm not sure what's good, what helps, and what I should stay away from.

12-16-04, 01:12 AM
try stimulant medications such as ritalin or concerta but ask ur doctor first whether it will work for you cause strattera is something that hasn't worked out well, that's what i've heard