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08-06-12, 12:41 AM
So I am keeping it brief - I have ADD but not ADHD and when I take Lexapro I feel happy, a little less anxious, but can't seem to focus. I am taking Lamictal right now and that helps to focus a little better but don't feel very peppy just blah ... The anxiety and ADD are still there: I either get over-obsessed with one thing and forget the importance of others or try to tackle things in a row and get overwhelmed and easily discouraged. It is a nightmare for me to read a book, but I can "do" tasks well if I don't get disorganized. I am full-time in college and failing and depressed/anxious about that. So this is my game plan and wanted some feedback: I heard Wellbutrin had less side-effects, so If I can combine a low-dose of this with Lamictal and then a tiny amount of Ativan, I think this will help everything as much as possible. I tried everything under the sun "naturally" and still problems focusing and anxiety. I run, do pilates, eat healthy but have issues with: studying, being too emotional, not being taken seriously, or too "opinionated/blantant" sometimes. My close relationships are dwindling and :confused: I am trying not to lose my school funding and hence my condo I rent. I am feeling a little hopeless lately and tired of noone understanding. Thank you for listening.

08-12-12, 12:34 PM

I think that using Lexapro is a good thing. It is relatively a very safe AD with very few negative side effects. For a lot of people it is effective in reducing anxiety problems.

On the other hand, Wellbutrin will probably affect you adversely, because it tends to make anxiety problems worse. Using a stimulant like adderall or ritalin would be a better idea. Although a stimulant can increase anxiety too, at least you can take this medicine on a need-to basis, while wellbutrin is a substance that needs to be taken in everyday for a long period of time to make and keep it effective.

As an example, you could take a stimulant an hour or so before a lecture or before a study session. Experiment with what dosage and what timing is right for you. If you feel your anxiety is too high, just skip it.

I have no significant knowledge of medicine or psychological disorders, so discuss this with a medical expert.