View Full Version : New diagnosis ADD on day # 10 of focalin xr

08-06-12, 11:26 AM
I'm 38 years old just recently got diagnosed with A.D.D. I was started on focalin 10 XR ten days ago. The first 5 days or so I felt amazing, I feel now that it may not be enough for me. Is it possible for me to even know that yet? The issues I have are more organizational stuff, scattered thoughts, always messy, moving piles around never getting anything accomplished. I found that the focalin helped me get out of bed in the morning ( I know, duh! It's a stimulant!) and I had so much more patience with my 8 year ol daughter that I honestly didn't even realize was an issue before but I feel like I am enjoying her more. But like I said, I'm finding now that I am not as focused as I was right out of the far, so to speak. I was wondering two things.... Would I know this soon if I needed an increase in dosage? And if anyone is taking focalin XR what is their dose and are they happy with it.
Thank you, in advance for any comments.