View Full Version : Adult ADD diagnosing and treatment in Ukraine. Is it possible?

08-06-12, 06:02 PM
I'm russian, live in China, study in local university. Now I spend my vacations at home, in Ukraine. Does anyone know is it possible to find a doctor, understanding ADD here to be diagnosed, get treatment and official docs about diagnose to confirm it in the country i study.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous that person looking for help to find doctor in his native country, but in fact i failed to find it via search engine and don't want to ask my relatives about it, because most of the people here doesn't believe even in depression, where there ADD, and I don't want to risk to be misunderstood by my own parents or comrades. Maybe it's better to attend psychiatric clinics one by one looking for a qualified specialist, but by my own and plenty other people's expierience, most of local psychiatrist best described as ****ing faschists and I have no desire to interact with them. Moreover, in this kind of society the one who attend psychologist or psychiatrist, even coming into hospital's doors is exposed by contempt on default. Like black sheep or beta animal. I'm not a man that worries about public opinion too much, but attending places one-by-one, where people will be looking to You as to a piece of **** is not the most pleasing experience.

There are plenty of people here at this forum and there is a possibility that someone, living in Ukraine could respond to my inquiry and shere it's experience of getting treatment here.

08-06-12, 06:20 PM
Have you tried tossing Український синдром дефіциту уваги in a search engine?

Good luck! When you find the experts, write them.. find out from them what's available.