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08-07-12, 03:31 PM
Well I don't like them but I have discovered that the smallest doses of cymbalta will stop my mind from being anxious and enable me to focus on whats in front of me. How in the heck can subclinical amounts do this ? The issue is that it gives me some fog and hazziness and thats difficult because that will make adhd worse. I feel somewhat like I am fighting against time on ssris or snris but for some odd reason cymbalta allows me to still focus on work without drifting like the other ssri's . I have been on wellbutrin and took cymbalta with it and I think I will stop wellbutrin. It's causing me more issues I think and I believe cymbalta will have a cleaner effect without wellbutrin in the mix . Anybody experience this. I hate antidepressants but at work it's like my mind jams...Wellbutrin kind of keeps it in a place of it's own and out the door goes my ability to go back and forth and use my memory with quickness regarding speed of processing. Highly annoying.