View Full Version : Wellbutrin is finally done

08-08-12, 02:47 PM
Well, I am finally finished with this stuff. After I stopped completely and then started back up in June, things have just went straight down hill since that time. During this time I've had less energy , less ability to sustain attention and I cannot hold a focus for longer than an hour tops. All it does is make me really tired overall and give me a lift when I wake up. Besides that the junk is pointless. I quit , last and final words you will see of this. I'm not stupid and this drug sure does make it impossible for me to actually think and recall much of anything. See ya wellbutrin , you suck a s s.

08-08-12, 04:18 PM
I officially quit Wellbutrin today. So far, I feel a lot more clear headed less spacey and less anxious. The only thing that worries me is what will happen if I take a few days off my stims. Hopefully I'll get used to life w/out Wellbutrin and not get terribly depressed.

08-09-12, 09:49 AM
Yeah I think I am for certain that I'm not going back to that trap. All it does is increase a little bit of drive and vigor but honestly I think those are still there. If I am going to take an antidepressant I think effexor and cymbalta are alot better than wellbutrin . The reason is that I tend to be able to function alot better with those meds compared to wellbutrin. I just sit there like an emotionless zombie on wellbutrin. I just dont feel like I work when on it, I constantly forget what my entire goal or purpose was and that just stinks. I would much rather come here and post randomly and still recall things than to sit at my pc and stare blankly because I don't recall what I wanted to do . H e l l no. I think tenex is the way I am going to try and calm my hyperactivity down if I do so. I know it causes sedation for sure but it slows me down and calms me and this helps me function better. Screw psychotropics for now. If I need one I know that tiny dose cymbalta helps more because it lightens mood and stops fear and wellbutrin doesnt. There are too many people on this site and others that have documented and stated the whole I'm confused on wellbutrin issue to pretend that its not real.