View Full Version : Sick of being held back from ADD, looking for serious change in my life.

08-14-12, 02:15 AM
Hello all. I am an 18 year old male named Sam. Here's a little background:

ADD has plagued me day-in and day-out from a very young age. I was diagnosed in first grade. To say the least, my case of ADD is definitely very severe. My attention span is nearly non-existant, and problem-solving is very difficult for me at times. Due to my life-long lack of motivation and social problems, a myriad of problems have developed, and I have become significantly more aware of them as of recently. I was shunned by my peers for years on end. I made strange sounds and noises in countless attempts to receive attention from others. I minimally groomed myself in elementary, middle, or high school. I constantly breathed loudly and obnoxiously and displayed a genuine lack of social skills. Because of this, I developed major social-anxiety and self esteem issues. I can't count the numbers of times I have heard "No one cares" or "No one likes you", or how many times I have been picked on or called a "fag". I earned pitiful grades throughout my education, usually C's and D's, despite the fact I am a fully capable and intelligent person....focusing is just so unfathomably difficult for me. My mind goes to the strangest places at random times and I am usually unaware of this until I catch myself in the middle of a daydream or something. I started concerta at age 7, but I stopped it after it made me even more socially withdrawn.

I started my Vyvanse prescription in 9th grade. My grades turned around. My symptoms were mostly under control....but it helped me so much that I became dependent on it. I got addicted to prescription amphetamines and ended going to rehab the year after.

As of today, i have changed my behavior dramatically and have developed social skills. i have a decent circle of friends now. focus is still a SEVERE issue, as well as organization and memory. i have dealt with ADD primarily with meditation and exercise, but I feel that more can be done.

I just completed senior year and am about to begin community college in a week. Meds have been completely off limits for me because I developed an addiction to them. meditation and exercise have helped a lot with symptoms, but i'm looking for more methods of dealing with ADD... i want to have a life just like every normal human being should.

08-14-12, 04:11 AM
When you say you were addicted do you mean cause you abused your meds?

08-14-12, 03:14 PM
correct. it was pretty much the "magic pill" for me.

08-14-12, 08:35 PM
Can you try a non-stimulant med?

08-14-12, 10:21 PM
Non-stimulants may be worth exploring.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is great for seemingly everything.

ADHD coaches are great to work with.

Just regular therapy is wonderful for high functioning.


08-15-12, 12:36 AM
i tried strattera some years ago, it put me to sleep. is there any non-stimulant that won't affect my mood?

08-29-12, 12:53 AM
my sister just talked me about melatonia.
it still should be googled, find some expertises and meke sure its godd for you.

i will give it a try.

she also talked me about going to the gym.
its right, whenver i go to the gym in the evening, i just pass out somewhere. maybe you should give it a try. at the same time you get in good shape :)
good luck with that non sleeping problem.
i have the same thing going on at home. hopefully i have some roommatees that are aware of my condition and hey just weak me up every morning. . . .wrost case they just kick me :)

08-29-12, 10:46 PM
correct. it was pretty much the "magic pill" for me.

Have you tried moderate amounts of caffeine? I am experimenting here on that. Soory about the bullying you experienced.

In answer ti your question. Sure there are lots of trchniques you can try.

I woukd browse the book driven to destraction but all these helped me:

I do NOT use meds. I have experienced some problems

0) i never got organized. My current strtegy is dont own anything. I let that part of my life slide. In short, i ficused more on school and neglected other things. I ha e a learning disability and to be honest, something was going go slide
1) know your limitations and your learning style; e.g., i am a hivh level too down thinker. I think visually
2) try to concentrate in a subje t that interests yiu and maximizes your strengths. For me, it was computer science, although starting assignments early and forcing my self yo learn thr environment for me was problematic
3) go to your school with your diagnosis and negotiate a lighter work load.
4) headphones
5) write stuff down.