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08-16-12, 11:01 AM
Post some great stand ups,best jokes from you tube! But please be careful,as a lot of jokes can be offensive!!! I can't actually participate,but think it can be healthy and lighten moods. . .again though,please watch what your sending through,as some are really offensive,and we don't want to offend anyone. . .sure we can all be trusted. . . .yea,i give it a week!:* i was a fan of eddie murphy when a kid,his energy at the time was,high. And that fella who passed away on stage,had a troubled life,but was am amazing talent,there's a lot of truth told in comedy. . .its the confusion that makes people laugh,i have struggled watching comedies in recent years,due to this fact,there are some great ones out there though. . .not as funny without swearing either,shi! What a crap thread,its the thought that counts :*