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08-17-12, 11:36 PM
Help. I am the lousiest at being succint and will do my best. I need help and ideas for natural solutions as medical issues preclude stimulants.
>Utter lack of motivation. Not DESIRE lack, but an actual PARALYSIS type issue. I know what I need to do but freeze almost in a panic. Bills are late even though money is in the account. No logic to it at all. Piles in my side of room, laundry, mail, books, gosh knows what-I walk past it and just can't do it. Spouse will end up having to intervene.
>excessive talking. I just got promoted and in key position to have to present to small groups and incessant babbling and talking is an issue. I know I get on colleagues' nerves and I fool myself into saying oh well who cares what they think. But ultimately I am embarrassed. Clearly I'm seen as competent. But the above is ALSO an issue at work and I hide it better, but stay late to do so and I'm worn to a frazzle. How do I just SHUT MYSELF THE HECK UP??? I tell myself to, promise myself next time I will, tell myself the control exists for me to do this, and then boom, there I go again.
>lack of being succinct, whether verbal or in writing. (your evidence is showing right here!!). I just no matter how much I try and want, I just can't do it. Too much to convey, or so I think, and e-mails take me an hour to write sometimes. Absurd. What is my darn problem?????

L Dopa supplement??anything that won't though convert to the epinephrine etc. Tried Straterra and very slight improvement, but doc not enamored with it and since involves norepinephrine, not option anymore. Wasn't much help anyhow.
Any natural supplements?? Organizational systems are not the issue-have the whole ADHD library and was even beta tester for an online ADHD task manager system that later became paid and not referencing ADHD. Tried online coaching, podcasts. Know what I need to do and just can't do it. Help!!!

Slo-mo a-go-go
08-18-12, 02:02 AM
all i can offer you is total & complete empathy on lacking the ability of being concise.......... aurghhhhhh, yes, it is frustratingly absurd but very real; working memory deficit problem as i understand in it's presentation in myself. bf i sidetrack yr post w/ (way too many:rolleyes:) details abt that, let's see if others have advice.
thanks 4 posting, it's a good question