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08-19-12, 02:17 AM

My personal philosophy is that a good task organization is the best way to save precious time.

Every morning, I list all my daily tasks, categorize them and prioritize them.
During the day, I follow my list, add new tasks as they come, delete those completed and change my priorities according to the situation.

This whole process takes me about 5 minutes each morning plus a few other minutes during the day. But ever since I organize myself that way, I have been saving hours each week!

Organize, categorize, prioritize. That way, you save some really important time that you can spend with your family instead of wasting it working on worthless tasks.

Prioritizing might be the most important keyword: I have learn that seeing the big picture and being able to set priorities is the best way to save time and improve my productivity.

Personally, I use a web-based free tool to organize my tasks. It is called and that's pretty efficient. You create different boards for different aspects of your life then use them to stick your tasks.

I suggest you find your own way to organize your tasks and start taking control of your life!

08-19-12, 09:40 PM
Google Evernote. You might thank me later.

08-19-12, 10:00 PM
i use evernote and astrid in combination with a google calendar that's synced to my computer, my phone, and dh's phone in addition to a paper calendar book i carry with me.

and all the white boards and calendars i have in my house, lol

surprisingly, it's working. and dh isn't freaking out about it. i think he secretly likes knowing what's going on and when as well :)