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08-19-12, 10:16 PM
I noticed that I have this specific issue when I have a lot of things to do, well I freeze and my brain stops . Then what happens is like seeing fragments of all my worries of things I need to do but are not getting done . So I rook a beta blocker and booom! My anxiety although existent moved to the background and unlike ssri s I could get stuff done and not forget about what I need to do. I feel thats a better way in dealing with the stress I have been having. Yet I felt pretty strange when I was walking my dogs 4 hours post inderal . Pretty weird but it has really enhanced my focus . I would like to hear others experiences?

08-30-12, 04:29 AM
My son (almost 18) has been taking betablockers for two months now to treat chronic mygraines. He says his focus has improved since, even though his neurologist mentioned a possibility of decreased focus. He is resuming university next week and I am curious to see if he notices improvement in class. Still, the improvement in focus might just as well be caused by the decrease of headaches and not the medication itself.

08-30-12, 11:25 PM

09-18-12, 03:22 PM
I take a beta blocker for tachycardia and high blood pressure...I've been on atenolol and metoprolol, neither of which have helped with my adhd at all...they've only helped with my anxiety because it no longer feels like my heart is beating out of my chest

09-18-12, 03:45 PM
I was on Propranolol years ago, before I knew about the ADHD.

It didn't help with the ADHD symptoms, it didn't help with the Anxiety,

it didn't help with the Migraine headaches.

What it DID do was cause an anyphylactic reaction - first hives,

then a couple days later swollen face, tongue, breathing passages!

Scary stuff. No more beta blockers for me. I take an ACE inhibitor now.

It doesn't help any of those problems either, but it works wonderfully

in treating my high blood pressure.