View Full Version : Methylcobalamin - the inconsistent magic bullet for some of us?

08-21-12, 06:32 AM
It has done wonders for my attention, anxiety, OCD, increased cognitive flexability and even a better "emotional understanding" if you will of others...I guess more empathy? It's odd but good. The bad part is that it seems to be less and less effective as I continue taking it on a consistent basis. Kind of like a tolerance with stimulant meds but totally unrelated of course.

I'm currently up to 20,000 mcg of subq methylcobalamin every 72 hours (concentration: 25,000 mcg / mL). The days it has worked well have been better than any medication I've taken. I just wish the effects would last at that level. I'm still able to get out of bed significantly easier than normally (which I'm quite thankful for) but quite a bit of my inattentivness/understimulated feeling, OCD and anxiety have come back despite consistent dosing and even dose increases.

Anyone have any theories as to what could be going on?

12-05-12, 07:07 AM
Get a look at these subjects (on the web) histadelia/undermethylation and histapenia/overmethylation, methylcobalamin increase methylation wich will increase serotonin and dopamine and somewhat norepinephrine, but it also increase histamine and excess histamine (histadelia) will cause psychiatric symptoms but histamine increase slowly over time.

It will take about 1 year for histamine to arrive at his maximal level with a given dose of b12 even if the increase is quicker in the begening, when histamine is under 70 ng/dl there is no probleme, so first you will feel good with methylcobalamin but over time when histamine became more thas this limite you will have problems.

Also methylcobalamin increase transformation of folic acid to tetrahydrofolate wich will increase serotonin dopamine and norepinephrine uptake and so decreasing their levels a part of this tetrahydrofolate is transformed to methylfolate which will increase BH4 (tetrahydrobiopterin), the latter wil increase the synthesis of the same neurotransmitters so when b12 is not too high the increase in serotonin is more than the decrease but if it increase a lot and you have low MTHFR activity there will be high tetrahydrofolate/methylfolate ratio especialy if you take folic acid also or your diet is high in folates.
You need to decrease b12 dose, personnally I was cured of my OCD by 1 mg methylcobalamin per day (plus niacinamide) but have a partial return of symptoms with
2mg per day.

I also advise you also to take trimethylglycine or dimethylglycine to increase methylation and to decrease b12 levels and take also some methylfolate or folinic acid but never folic acid or natural folates.

I can't tell you what dose to take of methylfolate or folinic acid because I have zinc deficiency when I take more than 200 mcg but other peoples don't have problems with.Taking some SAM-e will also help especially in combination with the latters but it is too expansive but you need much less dose of Sam-e if you take methycobalamin methylfolate and trimethylglycine and/or dimethylglycine with but be attentive because this combo will decrease histamine and over time you may develppe histamine deficiency (histapenia), so you have to find the best doses of methlcobalamin SAM-e trimethy and dimethylglycine and methylfolate for you by trial and error, knowing that histamine increase enough slowly and decrease more slowly so a dose wich work in the begening may be too high month latters, and you need to search on the web to know symptoms of hitamine excess and deficiency to adjust the dose over time, knowing that some symptoms of histadelia are in fact symptoms of undermethylation and not excess histamien and some symptoms of histapenia are in fact symptoms of overmethylation and not histamine deficit.