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08-23-12, 11:53 PM
Hey guys, hope i'm ok posting here. ( - Although I believe the site is not yet fully completed.

ADDISS is holding it's 10th ADHD conference in London called:

ADHD: From the Heart

The main conference ADHD from the Heart will be a very moving, enlightening educational experience where presenters will share not only research and good practice but people, children and parents will share their experiences and put living with ADHD into a real context. This is a lifespan condition which with good treatment whether its medical psychological or both can be overcome and people with ADHD can live happy and productive lives. Whether you are a parent, a professional or a person with ADHD attending this conference, you will learn ways that you can play a part in shaping positive outcomes for people with ADHD. This year is has international speaker 'Jerry Mills' - an inspirational song writer and motivational speaker who has ADHD himself.

The conference includes food - and I think for the equivilent of 60 a day it's an amazing opportunity to really learn a hell of a lot as well as meeting others with adhd, parents and professionals from all over the world and learn about projects and programs that are going on to help people with ADHD.

Some sessions that I personally found interesting:

Internet Addiction
Managing stress and Emotion
From Acting Out to Fitting In: How to teach Social Skills to Children with Special Needs
I'm definitely and am very excited! It'd be cool to see others from these forums there :D.

Also just a general note here: For those in the UK that require any information on adhd, help with diagnosis, help with school, dealing with university etcetc blahblah ADDISS offers a national UK ADHD helpline although you can email as well if you don't want to speak via phone.

09-04-12, 08:03 AM
ADDISS now has bursary places available at a very big discount. If you're a student or on low income feel free to apply :). There's some top people there presenting - book writers such as Kevin Roberts on Cyber addiction etc.

10-24-12, 08:38 AM
Turned out literally to be the best weekend of my life!
Ashley Mckenzie and his Mother showed and gave a very moving talk, followed by lots of laughs.
There should be one next year, i'd fully recommend going!