View Full Version : Staring into space - Aspie vs. inattentive?

08-26-12, 09:06 PM
Hey, when I'm in my own little world I tend to stare into space. Sylvie says I look a little crazy... like I'm staring, unblinking, and my eye sometimes even twitches a little!

I was just wondering if much is known about the 'Aspie Stare', and if and how it differs from what you'd expect from someone with ADHD being inattentive and staring off into space. Is there a difference? Or is this particular symptom something that Asperger's and ADHD have in common?

Also, what's the deal with "Aspie eyes"? Is this purely anecdotal or is there actually some specific way that the eyes of people with ASD differ from others'?

09-03-13, 11:05 PM
Are you experiencing any preoccupational thoughts why staring like this? If so, I'd say its probably due to inability to shift focus or "hyperfocus".

09-04-13, 02:57 AM
In autism it's do alleviate sensory stress.

I look up at clouds and city buildings a lot, or walls or even down at my shoes.

'Aspie stare' is kind of a blank stare that we seem to have.

If you twitch it could also be an absence seizure. Maybe not but I seem to twitch when I have a seizure.

I think an ADHD-PI stare would involve getting lost in one's thought, rather than someone with autism doing it deliberately. Deliberately but subconsciously.