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08-27-12, 06:55 PM
Hey everyone. Just wanted to put the word out and this seemed to be the place place to post it.

I'm starting a peer-based support group for adults who have ADD/ADHD in the Hamilton Ontario area. I've literally just started the process today, and I am trying to get an idea as to how many people would be interested in getting involved.

I myself have tried to find existing support groups in my area and found that it is sadly lacking. There are lots of groups for parents of children with ADD/ADHD, but nothing that is geared toward adults who've lived with it for a long time or are just finding out they have had it all along and are having their "Ah HA/Holy Crap" moment.

This group aims to get adults together in a non-clinical setting to talk about how they deal with their ADD, share experiences, offer support and advice and so forth. This is a group that is being started by an ADD patient, and will be communally run by ADD patients -- there are no doctors involved. While we may draw upon medical advice, research materials or media in our discussions, we are not medical professionals, so the group isn't intended as a replacement for medical advice. Also, it's not my intention to direct this group in any particular way at the moment, merely to get this group of people assembled, see what our needs are and how we can best accommodate them as a group.

So anyone who is interested in possibly attending this group or getting involved in its formative stages can contact me through any of the following ways:

Official Group Page:
Facebook Page:
email: emotionmachine[at]