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08-30-12, 01:19 PM

yesterday i received the diagnosis of ADD, i recognise a lot of the symptoms but i don't really know what to do atm.

I first had my doubts about me when i failed my final exams and now have to redo the final year of high school in the netherlands. I live in a small town near eindhoven (where i also go to school).

I see in myself especially the following:
- poor organizational skills
- tendency to procastinate
- difficulty paying attention
- sense of underachievement
- easily flustered and stressed out
- very forgetfull
- lose concentration very easily
- low self-esteem

my family, my girlfriend and friends at school also see a lot of these in my daily life. until now only my girlfriend and my family know about the diagnosis, but friends and teachers also sometimes suspected that there was something.

I want to ask for some starter tips. I need to get a grip on the situation, right now i am still a bit shocked by the whole thing but i have to accept it!

please help!

08-30-12, 02:13 PM
Welcome to the forums! Sit down, stretch out, and make yourself at home. You'll find many like minds here that have had or continue to have similar problems.

Be sure to also look at the threads in Adult Education (, as much of the info there is also applicable to school in general.

08-30-12, 03:30 PM
Nickwicks -- no matter what choices you make to help you live with ADD/HD, the knowledge itself will help you. There are plenty of great tips on this forum and also plenty of people with experience in many areas.

Hopefully, the first thing that will improve is that you will stop blaming yourself for what you see as issues. Your self-esteem will improve because once you learn some coping devices, you will also see some of the beauty of ADD/HD and also uncover your hidden talents.

08-31-12, 07:45 AM
have you had these issues your whole life or just high school?

09-01-12, 11:04 PM
Best tip?

Focus on the most urgent thing.

You cant deal with every thing at once

Organization? Complicated systems wont wirk for you. You will forget. Lots of books exist but its hard to have patience to read them. Driven to distraction has pitential lol. Resisting the urge to own stuff is a good idea.

Time management is a problem.

Understand that you have a pretty common problem. You are the same person you were before being diagnosed. Some ppl never get diagnosed and find ways to cope somewhat.

Lots of options exist.

09-05-12, 10:44 PM
one day at a time is the best way ive dealt with stress for deadlines