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08-30-12, 08:30 PM
I am currently taking lyrica to treat problem's I have been having for fibromyalgia. I was changed off of neurontin last April. I ended up having a seizure in May that was really scary. They up'ed my dose of lyrica from 150 mg's a day to 300 mg's a day.

Since than my leg's and feet have swelled so bad. I have had the worst extreme pain in the morning that I can't even describe. It's as if like you feel after you sprain your ankle and it heal's. You can walk but only in baby steps.

I have been given viodin but I have to go into the doctor's everytime that I need to ask for it. I am so sick of doing this. That I just started to take some of my relative's methadone that she has extra of. But, I can't do this either. I have gotten addicted to the stiuff. But, it help's with my pain so much and it doesn't make me feel constipated or tired like the vicodin does,

I really don't know what to do about my medication's. I feel like no one listen's to me. I have been going to a pain clinic. It was after that I spoke to the behavioralist that they detected methadone in my urine sample that I took. I honestly thought that all opiate pain medication was he same thing. Just different side effects.

Well, he told me that in order for them to give me something than I would have to get off the methadone and have a clean urine sample. Than they would check me everytwo weeks and so fourth. I have absolutely no problem doing that.

It's just that I am having a problem to stop taking the methadone. I also don't want to ask my doctor for anymore vicodin because I don't want to come off as a drug addict. I hate that all doctor's view me as this. Which I am not.

I don't really know what to do. I was also diagnosed with severe Adult ADD about two week's ago so it was a very bittersweet diagnosis for me. I never really follow thing's through.

But, I don't know how to go about going back to the doctor. Or what I should do to get off the methadone. I really want too. I want to stop taking it. But, as soon as I do I get really shaky and than my extreme pain comes back to me.

I'm thinking of just going back to my phychyatrist (Who is really awesome) and just be honest with him and asks him what to do. Because, I am at a loss. I think it may be the lyrica causing my muscle pain and swelling.

I also, know I am going to have to get off the methadone because they want to put me on medication for the Adult ADD. So any advice? Also, any advice on medication's to try for fibro? I won't take cymbalta because I have tried it before.

08-31-12, 07:38 AM
A dependence on medication does not always indicate addiction. Your body may crave the methadone because you are physically dependent on it but if your not buying on the streets its a little different. A good doctor would know that you have to wean off on long term use of opiates. Honestly if you are in such pain, why do you necessarily want to wean off? Can you just take it for nightime, or sleep pain or do you need it all day long. If you have a legitamate condition that causes extreme pain then I personally do not feel taking something to relieve that pain and live a functional life is so terrible. Does your pain doctor know that you have the possibhility of vicodin from a different doctor? This often makes doctors worried when there is more than 1 doc prescribing opitates.

08-31-12, 08:05 PM
Yes they do. I took the vicodin as needed. But, my doctor told me that in order for them to perscribe me anything for my pain than I need to have a clean UA. I ran out of vicodin a couple weeks ago. My relative gets methadone all the time. I only take about 10 mg's once a day. But, it work's great for my pain.

I guess I just feel stupid asking for something for my pain. because, I just always epect the doctor's to say No. I am afraid that they won't give me anything. They have given me Lyrica but that's it. And lyrica doesn't do anything for me.

I also just got diagnosed with Adult ADD. I just have a hard time asking my doctor's because I am sick and tired of getting treated like I am an addict.