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08-31-12, 12:50 PM
I know that a lot of us use timetables, schedules and lists to try and organize the chaos that is our lives.

I wondered though how people specifically use them. I can never stick with them, normally because I timetable and list to such a specific degree that it would be impossible to follow them faithfully. I soon start to feel a bit like a failure because I can't stick to my lists and timetables and give up.

Just looking for ideas to try and get a better handle on life. Since starting meds I am much better at focusing and concentrating at specific tasks but my planning, forgetfulness and organization etc on a larger scale is still pretty poor.

03-18-13, 01:47 AM
I hope I can be of help in my post.

I'm struggling with the same stuff here and have been for a long, long time. It's hard for me to stick with tricks even if they help but I have tried various things.

To do lists I've tried but run into the same problem you mention: too detailed or alternatively too vague. I generally don't like just a big list. Too overwhelming, can't prioritize.

One thing that's helped long term, somewhat, is to have one file to do list BUT broken up into sections with a dozen items each.

I have three headings, high medium low.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time, I'm sure, re-prioritizing, moving them around, etc. But it helps me to go through the list, if I can stick to that habit, and refocus myself.

I haven't looked at that list in awhile, though. I need to get back at it and see where I left off. :)

To make it easier for me, I try to think of it in terms of "really bad crap happens if I don't finish this" for high, and "if this never happens who gives a crap in the big scheme of things" for low and medium is everything in between.

I try to mostly work the highs first. I struggle with balancing importance versus urgency.

I can handle strategic prioritizing to some degree, given enough time and an easy rating framework.

I'm terrible at prioritizing in a tactical sense. Like I have ten tasks today... what's most important... uhh... ??? Or time management like "ok over today/this week/month I will do x, then y, then z, then..."

My work is such that I can set up talking/working meetings to sort of plan out the next week or two and hopefully accomplish the next looming item / deadline.

My smartphone has been helpful for setting reminders and appointments but I still struggle to remember tasks and remember to check reminders and not ignore alerts, and such.

Setting aside time at work to work on projects helps but I also have to be able to work on small deliverables that I can realistically complete. Fortunately that's what my work revolves around.

It's not like "ok go off and do this massive effort for 9 months" in most cases.

It's usually "we need this analytical document in a week or two" and I can usually work a day or two before the deadline and crank it out.

I've tried planning my tasks in Project but that usually falls apart because I forget to check the project plan or have self-motivation problems.

My wife handles bills and other organizational/paperwork stuff that I forget, procrastinate on, etc. Any time that stuff falls to me I usually blow it somewhere along the way.

Hope a tiny bit of this is helpful, at least.

06-27-13, 06:16 PM
Hawutwut and fidget, check my up coming post on the task-management system I created. See if it works for you.