View Full Version : Recommendations for Professionals to see in Portland Oregon

09-01-12, 02:33 AM
I am new to this forum, but have come to realize I may have ADD. I may also have OCD. I have talked to a few Dr.'s about this, and they seem to always claim to have knowledge in ADD, and though they mean well, their approach to treatment is not the best. I am becoming frustrated and would like some recommendations on actual ADD professionals to contact in Portland Oregon. Thanks Much ahead of time :)

09-04-12, 01:15 AM
Hadeed, Joseph G PhD - Northwest Psychological Center

He is definitely not a "let's try some meds first" kind of doctor. It was 3 months before I got a diagnosis. He had me take a lot of notes, bring in old report cards to see teacher comments, etc. I had to keep a journal before I was on meds so that when meds were started we could objectively see what changes they were making.

09-04-12, 01:39 PM
Thanks much Forgotagain. Will investigate and see if he is accepting patients.