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06-21-03, 03:25 AM
Thanks Tara for setting this up:)

How about we wait a week for people to get the info, and then we can start the reading and discussion I think.

In your experience, what's a good way to pace? How to determine it?
I'd like to have it so people are reading the same chapter at the same time, that way, we can get some in dpeth discussion going, and it's more focused.

So first "assignment" for everyone while we wait to gather more participants...

-flip through the book
-make note (as a reply to this thread) of particular sections that caught your attention... maybe you'd like to lead that section?
-post and suggestions on how to structure this "book club"? one chapter every two weeks? assign a set of pages, and then come up with some questions that will help get people thinking about the section...?

So, I guess we wait for a week and start on Friday June 27th.

Ideally what will follow is a two week period (to start off with I think) for the first chapter.
The first week will be on roughtly the first half of it, and the second will be the second half.
I'll try to come up with some "homework questions"
feel free to come up with your own... it will help with the processing of the information, and help you see how you apply to your life as well.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!!

I'm finding that CONFIDENCE in my abilities (that my decisions are actually good ones) is helping me be less anxious, which in turn is helping me get more studying done... I broke down the process into really minute pieces with the help of my tutor, and write those pieces down for a study session... that way I can just see that section and not get overwhelmed.

How this relates to the book...?
It took organizing to get to that point where I had the framework!
I did it with a helper - my tutor - to sort through my ideas. It's been great because she doesn't really "tutor" me, she asks me questions to help me figure out what I need and what works.

Anyway, rented DVDs await me, along with a boyfriend to hang out with, and a nice comfy leather couch and popcorn!

Happy wekeend everyone!

06-21-03, 01:47 PM
I have that book on hold at the library, if it comes in, I will I join.

06-21-03, 02:17 PM
Maybe having a different thread for each section of the book or chapter might work. That way you can work together on the book but new members of the forum can also participate later on.

06-21-03, 10:47 PM
Thanks for the suggestions:)
I am wondering if that will lessen the focus of the study, being that we're ADDers? hee hee...

Maybe I will start with just adding one, and focus people who start at the same time on that one chapter.
That way, we can build as we get through the book, but also be able to go back and add to the discussion of previous chapters. We would then also be able to serve as "experienced" do-ers for new readers.

I think starting different threads all at once right off will be confusing, at least for me anyway.

I'm thinking of making some forms on word for people to print out and use as a journal of sorts if they want. I'd include the supplementary questions and page referenes etc. Not sure if I'll have the time though.

As always, your ideas are fantastic, Tara!!

Anyway, let me know what you think everyone!


PS: if you already have the book, please try to read the first half of the chapter by Friday, June 27.
I'll try to post some questions by then and maybe I'll have time to make the journal pages by then as well.

02-16-05, 08:12 AM
im just a little confused; what book are you talking about?

edit: sorry, i just realised this forum is entirely about the book. sorry.