View Full Version : Wishing Star by Liuka2012

09-02-12, 11:44 PM
Stars are made for wishing on
my father told me so.
So I glanced upon the midnight sky,
and handpicked the brightest one.

I named my start Sojourn,
a very special name.
Now that she had a title,
she was all mine there to claim.

I thought about what i wanted
Things that needed a wish
So many things to ponder of
So little time to dish.

Sojourn should know my thoughts
behind each and every wish
So before i made my wish that night
I told my bright star Sojourn this.

I could wish for money
because myself i'm poor
however to be rich, money's not a necessity
A person needs so much more

I could wish for that special someone
But love is such a precious thing
Not just easily said words
Love is so much more than a fling

I could wish to be really famous
Someone other than myself
But worth is measured by so much more
then how many trophies are on your shelf

Instead i wish to be rich in spirit
and sound in soul and mind.
I wish when I find a pot--at the end of a rainbow,
character is what I will find.

Instead I wish for understanding
and courage in matters of love.
I hope i will meet someone speical
and through times we will rise above.

Most of all I wish for the ability
to know and like--
who I am and what i'll come to be
And I ask you to help me realize
that I'm special even if it's not--
what i always see.

I thanked Sojourn for listening too
my wishes and my dreams
and for always shining bright for me
No matter how dark it seems.

Sojourn you listen to all I say
Even though you live in a world so far
But no matter where we end up living.
You'll always be my wishing star!