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09-02-12, 11:50 PM
The Void

Beyond a frail moonlight, with the skimmering reflections of the moons glow upon the waters edge. I could feel the intense vibrations of the earth. This satisfaction overwhelmed me as I stood out from upon my dirt bed and glissended into the wind. I felt an unusual presence. Of something more alive than dead. I tunred around from my caressed shoulder and looked at to the site i wanted to see.

I glanced around but found nothing. Nothing for in a world of a billion people you should see something, The only thing I saw was a darkened room. This black void filled my heart as I periced into the blankness. I felt the touch of hair swirl beyond my body. I saw a blaze of blonde intruting into my heart.

I could sense the egos of the unruly souls upon my ground. I stood my ground not to let these presences disrupt me in my path to the underway. I heard a screaming that strangled my vocal cords and made me shun from my ears. I could sense an evil about me. That I had not seen in years.

What is with this kind of darkness. I grew up and was told I was suppose to be afraid of the dark. But as I ventured out beyond my dirt bed I sensed the pleasures of my care. I gave into them. I was over endulged in peer pleasure and realized my deeds...For i have not even walked into the door of this blackend void.....

Part 2: The Void

As I walked threw this door, I could sense a fear in me, that I knew never exsisted before. The smells of this inferno caressed my nostrils and almost made me collapse. I wanted to die on this spot. Why was I sent here. To this place? This hell.

I could here the demonic voices surrounding me, in this death defying place. I thought that when I had died, there was no hell. Were my sins this intolerable enough to send me to this rechid place.

All of a sudden i felt this arm, this ligament entagle its scaly flesh against my arm. The claws ripped into my flesh as if they were boiling it from my bones. This peircing pain embarked me upon a new era of my unlikeliness.

As this creature flew up beyond a firey red mountain I could see the unforgiving souls whos deeds God has given upon them in this afterlife. The wailing screams of the poor souls flesh being ripped from there arms. These tormented beings lost all hope. For they were dammed to this place.

They were dead, and they knew. As was I. But where was this scaly creature bringing me. I definitely knew not of what its plans were for me. Did I get a chance to face the devil. Face the man himself.

As we flew beyong the mountain i came to a fountain of boiling sulfer and brimstone. The unsightful smells almost made me want to give up everything and go crawl back into my dirt bed. As i think of it now I wanted to welcome the site of the prevailing moon.......

Where was I to go from here...What did hell, the Devil himseld have instore for me..?

The Void: Part 3

As I flew over this brimstone mountain the winged beast that entangled my arm against its flesh, released me. I fell and fell and never thought it would end. Was this my suffering feeling as though i am to never hit the ground. But this was no pain. Only in the sense that I could never know the bottom.

But as I realized what kind of bottom would I hit. I felt a breeze seclude me in my nothingness. The pits of this enferno were getting to me. I could no longer see anything except this black void.

Why is this hole so deep? Why cant i know the bottom, I need to feel the Ground! I am going insane cause i never know what to expect in this rechid place. This darkness is getting to me..PLEASE OohHH GOD! Can you help Me! I am SoRRy FOr MY SINS! I did not Know THIS WOULD be My Ending! I need the Light!

All of a sudden I fell to the ground. The darkness was portrayed threw my eyes. I knew it was darkness for I now saw one lighted spot. This lil dab of light entered my eyes and I saw a glim chance of hope.

The bottom I hit i knew not what it was. The pits of nothingness? For do they exsist? I hit some bottom. I sat there for hours in the earthly time, or thousands of years, if you can describe an eternity. I stood up. I stood still. I wanted to run towards that drab of light..

As I stood up, I positioned myself upon this flim bony figament. I had to get my balance and grab a hold of my sanity! Please God! Save MY SOUL! I ran towards that little dab of light in the crevices of this pit. Only to realize that I could never reach it? For is this my torment in hell?

The Void: Part 4

This light is the pain staking turmoil in me. I cant reach it. I fell to the ground and grabbed my hand out to the sky and tried to reach for the light. But all i got was a handful of darkness....This tunnel was out of reach. Out of site....

In the brink of an eye, I got up again....Courage filled my soul. I ran as fast as I could towards the light... I ran and I kept thinking every step, every foot i put forward would lead me an inch closer to the light...

However it was as if I was running on a tread mill and my entire figament of my imagination was playing forbidding tricks on me....Was this my punishment my insanity. Indeed i believe so..

No one could understand the turmoil I felt as though i trudged threw the shadow of darkness. Listening to nothing but my impendable silence. The void started to get to me. I CREIED out to God! Please Help Me! but nothing came...For I knew God has punished me for my sins...

I realized the errors of my human ways.......For not the beast within will get me but the eternity of this hatred. . . . .........

All of a sudden I awoke from this deep vision. I see the guy with the gun held to my head ..................I could do nothing but cry for him.....

09-02-12, 11:52 PM
I wrote this along time ago and I actually won an award for it. I forgot what it was. It was like 10 years ago. Anywho, I wrote this when I was in a depressed state. I don't necessarily believe in hell. But, I thought I depicted it pretty good. I hope you like it.