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09-04-12, 09:47 PM
Ok, so this is definitely not even close to as good as most of the artists on here, but this is my new hobby. I've been taking watercolor lessons from an old art teacher for about 2 months now.

This is my first real painting, my precious dear kitty, VanHelsing


09-05-12, 12:43 AM
Awesome! Keep us posted on your progress. :)

09-05-12, 01:43 AM
Thats very good :) i've never painted before,i'm more of a sketcher. Don't know how you can do that with that!:) nice name also :)

09-05-12, 03:49 AM
That's lovely. You definitely have talent. Definitely worthy of a frame. :)

Well done.


mrs. dobbs
11-30-12, 08:31 AM
i very much like this. i'd love to see one with green tones. or one against a stormy sky.

11-30-12, 11:33 AM
Space that's absolutely stunning. I love the expression on your kitty's face. It's just so cat-like, you know??

He's beautiful by the way!!!

08-19-13, 11:39 PM
Why can't I view any of the links posted?! It's maddening! :confused:

08-20-13, 08:25 AM
For a first its not bad , stay with it.