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09-06-12, 09:02 PM
I know this is a kind of off the wall subject. But, I was reading a book by Echo Bodine. She wrote in her book that some Earth Bound souls hang around the living people because they feel afraid to cross over.

Another thing is say for example a person is an alcoholic, the Earth Bound soul will stay around this person and try to influence them to drink more because the soul like the feeling it felt when it was alive.

Now, I know this is kind of off the wall as I said again. But, I am wondering if it could actually be possible for a earth bound soul to actually try and influenece someone to do something. I know we have free will.

But, it gets me thinking about our consciense that we have.

This is just a kind of fun topic. I would like to hear other's opinion's if they have them.

11-06-12, 08:36 AM

We all have some 'off the wall' beliefs. Many of us waste too much time wondering about stuff we may never have the answer to. Sometimes the answer is that there is no answer.

Cultivate living with reality - The belief that it is what it is.

Sometimes we create more than is actually there because of the 'stories' we attach to certain perceptions we experience.

The thing to do when you have such experiences like you describe is to ask yourself if it's true - can it be real.

It's all about Epistemology - the study of knowledge and justified belief. []

That is, how do you know if something is true? Ask yourself can it be true? That is the first step of philosophy and science.

Great minds and masters will tell you that nothing is true until we make it so.

If this experience that you describe makes you uncomfortable then my suggestion would be to refuse to believe it and concentrate on something more real and positive instead.

An after note: We are all earthbound souls. :)

11-06-12, 09:47 AM
so that explains all those people in the bars who kept my glass full for all those years!

I have all kinds of weird beliefs but I'm learning to let go of any kind of system which supposes to know anything.

life is so unpredictable, I just try and stay open. I plan very loosely, like a jazz musician plans a solo. I have a very vague idea of approximately what I want to do and I'll feel my way through and stay open to any in the moment changes.

I guess that's a belief in a way.

I guess my belief is that life is in the moment, My ADHD makes that belief almost a cop out if I don't incorporate some sort of awareness about what's coming up.

I sit around with friends and discuss all kinds of theories about why life is how it is, I then try and forget them and take life as it comes. Otherwise I get too detached from what I'm doing and end up walking into cars and forgetting even more things than I already do.

I used to think I had it all figured out, now I feel as though I learn by forgetting, by letting go of old beliefs to experience life with out a filter so to speak.

11-08-12, 04:51 AM
I have opinions but this really isn't the place.

This section is to be about support, It was crated to be a safe haven for spiritual discussions about how ADHD effects your spiritual path/ religious practice or how ones spiritual path / religious practices can be part of our over all ADHD treatment.