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06-22-03, 12:12 AM
Hi all!

here is the general info. for this "book club":

What is this?
-a focus group for ADDers who wish to get more organized, using the book "ADD Friendly Ways To Organize Your Life" as the guide.

Who can join?
-anyone who has access to the book and anyone willing to be committed to encouraging others along the way, as well as committed to trying to organize their life.

How much this cost?
-nothing. it's F*R*E*E but it might put you back the cost of the book if you choose to buy it. Some people are borrowing the book from their local library.

What promped the start of this focus group?
-I am chronixally battling disorganization, and I bought the book because I was tired of dealing with the stress of trying to be more organized but not being able to stick to the "normal ways". I read the book, and didn't know where to start, so I thought I'd see if there was anyone else who would like to work through the book with me.

What is the goal?
-to provide a supportive, encouraging and empathetic environment for others who are feeling frustrated with failed attempts at becoming more organized. I also want this to help increase our self-esteem about this issue, and empower us to be creative in our approach to finding different methods for organizing. I'm tired of trying to use conventional non-ADD methods and apologizing for the resulting disorganization.

What is the time line?
-the details are still being worked out,
but the initial schedule is as follows:

BEFORE Thursday June 27, 2003


-it will:
*make it psychologically more "official" to you.
*help keep your work all in one place
*make you feel more committed to the project

what kind of set up should I consider?
(this is just to give you some ideas, you don't have to use these's just for people like me who have a hard time with decisions)
will you be printing out anything?
some people like the "feel" of hardcopy (paper) documents to flip through rather than internet "pages"
here are some sample categories you might like to use:
(you can ALWAYS ALWAYS change them later!)
goals section: write out any goals you have (or a list of what's working right now, what's not working and then add in goals related to it)
accomplishments section: (to read when you're feeling low)
-chapter section (one for each if you like, or try to have a VISUAL separation for each chapter - coloured page to separate, tabs etc)
ideas: write out ideas you liked from the thread
handy links: (no doubt that people will offer links to pages to help out)
contact list for people participating: (with profile info if you want, this helps me keep people's identities straight)
homework due for next deadline: (at the front of the book)

I will be posting some of what I end up doing, and hopefully I'll have some printable "forms" for people to use if they wish.

FLIP THROUGH the entire book, take note of how it's organized, the different chapter headings and topics
MAKE NOTE of specific topics or sections or ideas you liked (put those in the binder/notebook)
READ Pages v-7 (table of contents, forward, chapter one)
WRITE thoughts about the following:
(Questions for refelcting on past attempts)
What are some things I have tried in the past to attempt to organize my life? (books you've bought, strategies etc.)

What happened that caused the above to fall short of my goals or becoming more organized?

What more would I have liked in the book(s) I've read about organizing?

**these questions are to help you recognize that you HAVE tried in the past to become more organized, whether it's through buying books, trying to implement new strategies or other ways.
So, that means you're not lazy.

(Questions to help you organize your ideas about this book)
Is this book organized in a way that is easy for me to read/use?
(if not, What can I use that will help make it easier? e.g. coloured sticky tabs, highlighting, bookmarking pages)

(looking at table of contents) What sections/topics that appeal to me most?
(these are most likely the things that you are most challenged by at the present time)

Which topics am I strongest in?
rank them if you like
-these will be the sections you may like to offer suggestions for!

What are some strategies that help make it easier for me when starting a reading project?
these tips will be most appreciated! please post and share your approach!

What STRATEGIES am I successfully using right now in my life?
What SUPPORT do I currently have/will have available for this reading group (if required)?

What kinds STRUCTURE are being used in my life at present to help me manage my life?

The last 3 questions are on pg.4, and I put them in to help you realize that you probably all already use these in your life! (^_^)

What are some things in my life that work AGAINST my ADD?
-daily schedule, relationships, career, family, medical etc.
(these are things that you might want to consider changing later on as we go through the book, but they might not be all possible)

What are some aspects of ADD that are positive?
(e.g. for me: lots of energy that is contagious to those around me, being always full of ideas, being adventurous, creative)
What are some simple ways I can highlight these so others and myself can appreciate them more?
(e.g.: I'm full of energy-I work teaching kids! lots of ideas:I have a binder where I keep lists of things I'd like to do if I don't have time to do them, I also mention my ideas for improvements at work to my supervisors. Creativity: I like knitting and crocheting, so I use that to make gifts for people. I also like photography, so I decided to start a portfolio of my favourite pictures, and also frame and display some of the best. I also enlarged my current favourite to 8.5x11 and printed it out on my computer, and put it in my clear cover for a binder I use... it's my way of "displaying" my work.)

OK so "that's it".

Things to remember:
-don't worry if you don't get this all done by Thursday. The discussion will start on Friday, and go on for a week. It's a short section, so you can read it while you read other people's reflections on the subject.

-I have consciously tried to include some things that don't require the book for those who don't yet have it. Please share!

-if anyone has any others to include, feel free. These are what I came up with.

-my goal is to help us to appreciate having ADD, because I feel like I'm always apologizing for it, instead of taking the positive parts of me and having people see that instead. I found that just putting the photo I took on my binder made me feel great about myself because people have complimented me on it.

OK OK THat's all folks.
Happy reading.


06-23-03, 05:01 AM
I forgot to add some smilies:

I'm pretty busy, so I havn't had time to make the printable formatted pages.

I was wondering how I can put those files online for others to download? Tara?...

I hope everyone's week is going well.
If you've read parts of the book, please feel free to share your thoughts so far:)


06-23-03, 01:22 PM
What format are the files in?

06-23-03, 04:08 PM
they would be in .doc (word format).

i havn't made them yet though, but it shouldn't take long to make them up.