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09-11-12, 02:28 PM
I've been on this site for like 30 mins and found ALOT of usefull information I am not medically diagnosed but i believe i have ALOT of issues which include Bi-polar/Bi-polar depressive(mom is Bi-polar dad is bi-polar depressive), ADHD(abnormal energy/lack of attention), Depressed(Lack of interest in ALOT of things), and last but not least OCD.
With all that said i'm going to start with OCD. I have to have everything a certain way. When i clean it has to be done a certain way, I have to organize everything depending on what it is and when it gets moved I "Freak Out". I have to sleep facing a certain way most of the time i cant sleep without facing east (sounds rediculous i know) there are more issues with this but i'm going to move to another "issue". Next Bi-polar/Bipolar depressive. My mom is Bi-polar as i said before and my dad is Bi-polar depressive. I Feel depressed alot and lose interest in all things fun or boreing. I think think might be because of some lifestyle issues.This happens randomly. I believe i'm adhd because when I was younger I had energy "out the ***" and still do, when i use pain meds like Ibeaprofen the bottle says "may cause to become drowsy but it makes me even more energetic. but with all this "stuff" that's wrong with me I have HORRID memory I can only remember the key events in my day to day schedule Can't remember anything of my childhood my Focus is great but on the wrong things. I always have a Billion things going through my head and I don't drink or do any form of drug exept ibeaprofen for horrid migrains from my spinal cord/skull displacement from an accident that happend when i was little(was thrown over a fence and landed on my neck) anyways i'm getting off track here so ill go ahead and end this post and hope for some help/advice.
P.s I'm in school and look what i'm doing lol:p

09-11-12, 03:20 PM
Was just looking at a website and found out It's Probably OCPD not OCD

09-11-12, 03:25 PM
What you are experiencing could be adhd or symptoms or your ocd /bipolar. What does your doctor say.?

09-11-12, 04:59 PM
Still trying to figure out my whole doctor thing almost 19 and my mom moved away and im still learning how to contact the doctor or even what his name is(bad memory) i know i have medical but no card or anything