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09-11-12, 07:40 PM
Currently, I am placing a small block of C-4 on the only door I see still standing in this **** hole that use to call its self an apartment building. You see, C-4 requires two things to blowup, a large shockwave and extreme heat.The heat is provided by a kinda small blasting cap while the shock is provided by either one or two electric rods, this detonator has two. The whole thing is set off by a remote. The detonator and remote are both designed for single use only because; once that blasting cap goes off, there's the end of that part and the signal the remote sends out can only be sent by that particular remote and only received by this particular detonator. There, all-set. Now I lay as flat as I can against the wall right next to this door that won't be here in a couple of seconds. Looking around at the crumbling, almost non-exsistant walls with their leaks and mold... Almost makes me not wanna blow this door.
* * * * * * * 5*
*"Why" you ask, am I blowing this particular door?.....Orders.... Supposedly there are some drug dealers/gun runners behind this door. Which looks surprisingly sturdy (given the rest of the building looks like a strong wind could bring it down).....probably reinforced..... These guys , we've been told, are selling big guns to terrorists and hard-drugs to poor people. Given the way the government is run now, they could just be talking **** about some politician.*
* * * * * *4*
*When the crime-rate rose to unprecedented levels, the government saw the need to absolve local law enforcement and create a police state where everything is to be taken seriously. Which worked for the first two months, then the anarchists started getting upset. Then, to make matters worse, a fraction of the general population followed suit. My trusty HK USP.45 in my hand.
* * * * * 3*
* Yeah, I'm a member of the "police", mainly because I saw it as the only other alternative to die-ing hungry and poor. The official name is F.L.E.A( yeah, makes me laugh too). Which stands for Federal Law Enforcement Agency. Is my gun loaded?
* * * * * 2
* This world is ****. Safety off?Team ready?
* * * * * * 1
Go time
* * * * * * *BOOM!
* * *Reacting to an explosion like that, you see everything in slow-mo. First guy's just standing there like an idiot with an AK in his hands looking out the window.Remember training, make sure all three of those little dots are aligned and on his head("When suspect is armed,*immediately shoot to kill, no questions" is what they tell us). Three shots ring-out,9 bullets left. Everything feels so slow, I can almost see the bullets rip through the air. The force of the shots sends him out that window that he seemed to like more than his life. Thanks to the hollow-points, I never see his face, just the bloody mess where it use to be
* * *Another guy comes running out of a conjoining room. He tries to aim but is gunned down by 10 or so bullets that come from behind me. Probably the new guy. He has yet to learn that pumping too many rounds into a suspect is a PR nightmare.*
* * Kicking open the door to my left, someone tries to spray the team with bullets(I take cover just as training says). They manage to kill that new guy who wasted him ammo, poor kid; hurt the captain; and miss everyone-else before a couple of grenades roll in and just destroy the room. The floor of that room literally just caves in. So, we know it's was clear.*
* * This next room hides an (as far as I can see) unarmed man. Remember training("Once shot at, you and your team have the authority to eliminate all suspects unless a surrender is provided by each individual not eliminated" is the rule that applies here). I pop him in the head twice, 7 shots left.
* * The next couple of minutes of the "raid" *consist of clear rooms and suspects surrendering. We find a ecstasy manufacturing place, along with crack, heroin, and some meth. Apparently there are no guns.... The intel department *isn't exactly well funded but, still, that's a pretty sticky ball to drop. I mean it's no big-y because we still have the drugs to get them with but, the guns would've bumped the remaining "criminals" to execution without trial (like I said, police state). *Instead, *they'll probably get torture (replaced standard police interrogation), trial , and most likely jail 'till death.*
* * * Apparently the noise woke the neighbor hood. People are throwing trash and ****. They really don't like us in this part of town. At first you put up with it but then, you realize-- just shoot a couple rounds in the air and they start getting real scared (4 rounds left)....********. *Just doing my job. Just making ends meet. Just doing this so my jobless mom won't starve.....just following orders.
* * * *Now we have to take these "insubordinates" *to holding. Oh, I forgot to mention... I work in what's known as "the pit". The highest a crime rate in the nation....arguably the world. Also has the most violent crimes in the nation.....would'a been called war zone but there's already a war zone so... We got stuck with "pit".*
* * *

What do you guys think?