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09-12-12, 06:08 AM
hello everyone,

well my newly diagnosed ADD 13 year old son has been offered a place on the special program for children with special educational needs.

In our school system if a child fails the year they have to repeat the entire course again. He has already repeated year 1 high school and has still failed 3 subjects (but by law he has to move up to year 2).

This special program strips down each subject to the basic amount needed to pass the school year. So there is less content to contend with and more time and much more individual attention as class sizes are smaller.

Great I thought, but my son says no way will he go into that class. He says they either donīt speak Spanish (we live in Spain and moved from the UK 8 years ago) or they have mental problems.

Well I can understand he doesnīt want to go into that class and I wonīt force him but if he refuses that class Iīm worried that the school wonīt give him any extra help in mainstream classes.

As yet he is unmedicated and I think if he goes into mainstream classes we are going to have to try medication otherwise he will never keep up.

what do you think?

09-12-12, 06:17 AM
I think you should give the stimulants a try. In the same way that if he was short sighted and couldn't read the blackboard you would not hesitate to get him glasses. Good Luck. Lx :)

09-12-12, 02:12 PM
Please get him on meds right away. My son was 13 when diagnosed with ADHD-inattentive. He always managed decent grades, but worked 3 times as hard. Starting middle school as the classes became harder, he was getting many more C's, D's and some F's on tests. We decided to put him on meds, and within a week (!), his grades came back up to A's, B', and a few c's. He still has to work harder than the normal person, but he's doing well enought...GPA of 3.3 as of sophomore in H.S. He would not have been able to do this without medication.