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09-13-12, 03:37 AM
Sorry if I am in the wrong place but I have been reading this section with interest.

My 13 son with ADD seems to have the opposite and is sensory seeking. From an early couldnīt sleep without the feel of silk on his body.

He often used to get naked and wrap himself in different fabrics like bubble wrap (I still have the pic) and silky material.

During a rainstorm he once ran about naked in the pouring rain and body surfed on the patio. (now at least he puts on his trunks)

Likes to lick things (non food).

He loves to be buried in sand on the beach.

One time after a rainstorm we took the dogs out for a walk, the terrain was sloppy and muddy and he took his shoes off to feel the mud between his toes. Of course ended up taking his trousers off as well so he could roll in it. Lucky we will in a hot climate.

As a baby he always needed to be held at cuddled and still asks me for at least 10 cuddles a day. Not just quick hugs, he makes my lay on the sofa with him for a proper cuddle.

And his latest thing, he split open a swimming pool inflatable so it was a tight plastic sheath and squeezed his body into it, so he was wearing it like a strapless sheath dress, it was so tight it took him ages to put on.

I canīt really find any info on this and whether it has any relationship with ADD. Does anybody have any ideas? thanks

Samantha Nicole
09-23-12, 04:04 PM
Hi, my little sister suffers from a sensory disorder. It's still hard to tell what's part of her sensory disorder and what's just her being her. She is only 4 and I know there are different types. But I believe in all types there is a disconnect. For example last year we got a yorkie and she picked her up like a football not realizing where most children know to be gentle. She had to be taught emotions and feelings. Like I said before, there are different types some may be mild where others are more serious. I came on this thread hoping to seek olders living with this condition and unfortunately only see threads about blankets. There is more to a sensory disorder then the feeling of fabrics. My sister loves her silk blankets and wont fall asleep without them but if that were her only issue, then I wouldn't worry for her as much as I do. Google sensory disorder. Best of luck!

09-23-12, 05:24 PM
My son used to run full pelt at doors for fun. He loved the sensation of hitting the door square-on with his body. He was my cuddly child too, of the three...

We had to swaddle him really firmly as a baby and wedge him on the sofa... then a bed. He wouldn't sleep in a cot. Every time he touched the bars he screamed.

09-23-12, 05:47 PM
My 11-year old daughter has the sensory-seeking subtype of Sensory Processing Disorder. SPD is one of the many co-morbidities with ADHD.

She has always been rocking as far as we can remember, including in the car. She constantly bangs her head, including in order to fall asleep at night. She craves deep-pressure hugs to the point of hurting the other child or head-banging me painfully. She loves to eat her booger and taste many non-food junk.