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09-13-12, 07:40 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm lucky to have a good psychiatrist in one of the worst states to get controlled medications due to drug abusers. I have taken a variety of meds over the years and am blessed to have a doctor who will prescribe me a rather maligned sleeping pill, two ADHD meds, and anti-anxiety drugs. Hence, why I am worried about asking for Desoxyn though it might have fewer side effects.

Basically, I have taken Adderall in the past. I got off of it because I didn't have insurance and even with the Walgreen's club card was paying over $100 a month for a rather weak prescription. So, I went on Ritalin and then later also added Ritalin LA. Ritalin started pooping out on me, especially since I now have a very intellectually demanding job that tends to require long hours of focus and sometimes split shifts.

I asked my psych, who I've been seeing for six months now, if I could switch back to Adderall. He suggested I try Vyvanse so I did. It worked great but at about 2 p.m. every day (my work days start at 7 a.m.; I get up at 6ish) I literally was falling asleep. I called him and he added 4 10 mg Adderall IR boosters a day.

Unfortunately, now I am having acid reflux though the sleepiness is gone.

I know my doctor trusts me. He knows I am very professional and don't like to overuse medications. However, I also realize we are in Kentucky - a notorious place for prescription drug AND (illegal) meth abuse. I realize Desoxyn is not like the meth people are stupid enough to cook up in the Wal-Mart parking lot. However, I'm concerned if I ask my doctor for Desoxyn he might "have" to say no because of the state we are in. Kentucky has done a lot of really insane things this year trying to reduce people's access to controlled drugs (especially painkillers).

So, before I ask my doctor about Desoxyn I wanted to get some facts and opinions. Though I just joined, I've been reading this forum for years. In California, I was in an ADHD support group and the few who got Desoxyn were very pleased with the outcome. However, California and Kentucky are two entirely different worlds.

I'd like to know (besides opinions) if Desoxyn has less/no risk of acid reflux. The reflux is not horrendous, but it is kind of embarrassing when I'm at work and sometimes have to try to cover up my gulps/etc. when talking to someone.



09-13-12, 08:12 PM
have you tried nibbling on a couple Tums or Rolaids in the afternoons? If the meds are working well for you, something to help the little bit of reflux might be the easiest, especially if KY is so strict w/ meds.

11-30-12, 08:31 PM
For some reason the 20 mg Adderall IR's don't cause the reflux that the 10's do, not sure why, but my meds seem okay for now so I'm not going to even mention the word Desoxyn.

12-01-12, 04:23 AM
How long has it been going on. I got terrible heartburn with concerta, thought I was having a heart attack but when I took anti acid medication it went.
This got better after a few weeks.

Avoid foods and drink that contribute to this.