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09-13-12, 08:58 PM
Has anyone ever requested (their pharmacist) to get their Generic Wellbutrin be gotten from a specific manufacturer? I keep reading how different Wellbutrin XL is depending on what manufacturer makes it. I have been taking 450 mgs of the generic (made by MYLAN) for a little over three weeks and barely notice a difference in my mood. I take it for depression as well as ADD.
So do you think it is strange to ask a pharmacist for a specific manufacturer? I keep reading that WATSON is the manufacturer to get it from as they were affiliated with Glaxo-Smith (makers of the brand Wellbutrin).
I'd appreciate any incite. Thanks!

09-13-12, 10:01 PM
Speaking from my experience with medications other than Wellbutrin, I have to be honest - you're going to have to make a lot of phone calls. Pharmacies get their medications from distribution companies, distribution companies buy and distribute whatever they get a good deal on, and the pharmacies take what they get when it comes to generics. You will need to call around and have the pharmacist check to see which generic they have in stock at that time, and be vigilant about checking to see that they have the same one each following month.

Don't try calling the manufacturer - they don't tell customers the names of their distributors. The pharmacy will most likely not tell you who their distributor is, either, since they're not a direct to consumer industry. Unfortunately, the monthly round of phone calls is the only way to do it.

Sometimes a sympathetic pharmacist will call other branches in the same chain to see if they have your preferred brand in stock when the distributor supplies them a different one, but once the local branches run out, you need to go hunting again.

09-14-12, 06:48 AM
Thanks so much for your response AmTram. I thought it probably wouldn't be as easy as just asking the pharmacist for a different brand. I guess I'll give this brand the required six to eight weeks and if doesn't work just change meds. Wellbutrin seems to be the med with the worst rep when it comes to generic maybe something else will work out if this MYLAN is a bust.
Thanks again!

09-14-12, 09:14 PM
Hmmm. . .I got generic Mirtazapine from Mylan, and was very unhappy with it, but I hope this medication does the trick for you.

09-16-12, 02:09 PM
Thanks AmTram. I'm still hopeful that I will feel the full benefits of this med soon.

09-27-12, 07:54 AM
Now it is about 5 weeks I've been on bupropion made by the manufacturer Mylan. I feel better but not where I want to be, it is disappointing, I know I could be feeling so much better. I saw my psychiatrist and she wants to wait the full eight weeks before trying anything new. In the meantime she wants me to ask around at different pharmacies (for my benefit) to see who sells bupropion made by WATSON. Well I'm gonna bite the bullet and ask at three different pharmacies today. Hopefully someone will sell WATSON or be willing to get it for me.

09-27-12, 04:54 PM
Well I feel like I won lotto. The second pharmacy I went to sells Bupropion made by the manufacturer WATSON. If anyone else is looking for this -- the pharmacy that sells it is CVS (I am in the NewYork area, don't know if that makes a difference). The pharmacies I found that don't carry WATSON around here are Walgreens and Rite Aid.

09-27-12, 10:25 PM
Good luck - let us know how it works!

09-28-12, 12:27 AM
I ask my doctor to specify Watson brand bupropion when they fill out the script. I take it to my local Rite Aid to be filled. Overnight wait and pick up the next day, otherwise it's not a problem.

09-28-12, 05:40 PM
Interesting Retromancer....I think I'll have my doc write that on my scripts from now on so they keep getting the med from Watson.