View Full Version : For those mADDly obsessed with an organized creative workspace. . .

09-15-12, 08:05 PM
So lately I've been on a massive neat-freak obsessive streak where I create & work. I was lucky to come across some antique book shelves to organize tons of books & filing cabinets etc. I needed a good way to organize all of my pens, pencils & markers that not only saved up space, but also had a lot of functionality and made it easy to access each one. I was unhappy with any pre-made organizers sold in stores or online so I built this from scratch -

I used six Canson 16x20 Black Illustration Boards, cut & measured into various double sided pattern pieces. Took about a day to complete. Just thought I'd share & hope it can inspire someone else who may be facing the same dilemma I was!

As for the neat-freak kick I've been on, it's probably something I should be trying to work on as I should be doing my work instead!


09-15-12, 09:14 PM

I take neat freak moments and tell myself I *will* keep things that way from then on in...

then chaos descends!

Nice work though...looks good and easily accessible so you don't have to take time getting things out and putting them away!

09-27-12, 04:06 PM
OMG I love it! Will have to remember this. I just have all writing implements in one box, but I forget to use them. So having stuff colored-coded and out will help I think.