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09-16-12, 01:26 PM
My daughter is in 6th grade and takes Concerta daily for ADHD. Last year she was exited from her IEP after testing out. They then established a 504 for her, to help with organization, etc.

School started a couple weeks ago. When I was helping my daughter write her first paper about goal setting, I found that she DOES NOT KNOW how to write!! Does not know how to write sentences, capitolize, punctuate (even periods). How does a child test out of an IEP at 5th grade level and not know how to write a sentence?!?! Initially I thought this was just a fluke, that she was being unfocused or uninterested. Over the last few weeks I have come to the realization that she really just doens't know.

I contacted the teacher only to get a response through my daughter that he must have deleted my email by accident. Then I had to contact the school psychologist that exited her from her IEP last year, twice before getting a response. The school psychologist asked me if we had a 504, and I did not think we did. Come to find out there was a 504 in place but they didn't bother to tell anyone (myself or teacher), so she wasn't going to get any help if I didn't throw a little fit! How could they not know that she had a 504....Isn't that their job!?!?

I've since enrolled by daughter in an extra-curricular tutoring program for English, in the hopes she can be prepared Jr. High next year.

I feel like she was failed by the school system; I trusted them, especially since she had an IEP. Unfortunatley, I was wrong and now my daughter has to work double-time to catch up.

Anyone else experience this before? Did tutoring help your child catch up?

Thanks for listening!


09-17-12, 09:32 AM
I had the same concern with our elementary school. I think a lot of public schools just don't bother with writing anymore. When ds was in 4th grade, I asked his teacher why he never gets writing assignments or book reports for homework. She told me that they do all their writing assignments in class. Well, it turned out they had to write one or two sentences every day - big deal!

For that, and other reasons, I decided to homeschool him in 5th grade and used a curriculum with a heavy concentration on writing. He was totally lost and I had to work hard with him every step of the way, from making an outline to using punctuation.

I think too many schools are forced to teach to the test and in elementary school, that entails just math and reading comprehension. Writing and grammar take a back seat. My ds is now in a charter prep school and writing is a very important part of the curriculum. He still struggles with it and English is his worst subject. However, he manages to keep his grade at high 70's to low 80's, but if I hadn't taken the time in 5th grade, he'd be failing miserably. I think you are doing a smart thing in getting her the extra tutoring help in English.

09-17-12, 10:52 AM
I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble. I don't understand how they could put a 504 in place without your knowing. I thought parents had to sign and approve them. They sound very disorganized themselves. I would definitetly be talking with the teacher, principle and the counselor/psychologist to get it straightened out.

I got an eye opener this wknd for my DS. He is struggling so badly in spelling and grammar. I discussed with a teacher friend and she said, not to disappoint you but spelling is like at the very bottom of the priority list for teachers because they aren't tested on it for End of Grade testing and that is what the teachers and schools are evaluated against.

I think if it's not important to them then don't grade it! It's causing my DS lots of anxiety because he simply cannot spell the advanced words. I think they aren't putting so much importance on it because of the major tech shift. Why learn to spell and punctuate properly if the word processor will do it for you? And if that's the case, don't penalize a 5th grade student for not being able to spell "extravagant".

She also told me that this year in our state it's even harder to get an IEP especially if they are performing at grade level. She did say a 504 should be easier to do.

Best of luck working it out. Please keep us posted!

09-17-12, 05:51 PM
How does a child test out of an IEP at 5th grade level and not know how to write a sentence?!?! Does "testing out of an IEP" in the US mean that she caught up to all the expectations for the grade? Like you, my daughter is in Grade 6 and has dysgraphia, etc. She is two years below grade level in Language Arts, and one year behind in Math. She has had an educational assistant as part of her IEP since grade 4.

She has so many challenges with her ADHD, SPD, dyslexia, etc. that the school recommends that she take all available outside therapy programs even if it means missing half a day of school or more every week, in addition to taking medication seven days a week. My spouse has regular battles with her about school work, and thinks that she should just concentrate on academics and forget about any therapies, yoga/martial arts, and other extra-curricular activities. :confused:

09-17-12, 10:01 PM
How did she manage to keep this a secret from you for this long?