View Full Version : a moment of levity

12-16-04, 02:28 PM
i remembered today what my young son once said (aged 4 currently) at a grocery store:
he was sitting in the shopping cart and whining about the well placed corporate sugar bombs (i.e. candy bars, candy, distilled fructose, sugar in every form)
he asked me for something obviously. in my household i don't have a soda in the fridge, i liked whole grained pasta and breads and i make my own food. (don't use a lot of a convenience foods), i'm not a fanatic, just believe in relatively healthy standards:
i explained to my son in a way that i thought he might understand the consequences of this type of food and eating it:
"baby, if you eat that type of food too much you're going to be really fat, its not good for you, you won't have the big muscles that football players and spiderman has..."
my husband was trying to hush me, and i know this is b/c he feels like i cut to the chase too ruthlessly with my son..and he was thinking that we should curtail some items from our son and be more simplistic (which is obviously not my style)
my son responded immediately after this and said
"mama? you mean fat like that lady over there? if i eat too much of that i'm going to be really REALLY big like that woman..and THAT man RIGHT?"
and starts pointing to all the fat ppl he can see waiting in the grocery store lines...
i almost starting choking with laughter..but i tried to act serious and told him that there isn't anything wrong with fatter ppl, its just that i don't want him to have to be sick and not be able to be healthy and feel good for his own sake.

hopefully i didn't ruin him too badly!
i'm staying at home with him today b/c he has an ear infection
which coincides nicely with the fact that i've been requesting a few days off to get away from the hell that is my office of drudgery, and i have laryngitis b/c of my wonderful allergies to i am whispering all day today

and my son is automatically adjusting his speech to match my whispering..just a few hours ago he asked me all of a sudden
" mama, why are we talking this way?"
children are so freaking cute...:: )
i love him..