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09-16-12, 10:07 PM
I am curious if it does or not. I am aware of depression indirectly impacting weight loss, such as eating comfort food, but all things being equal, can someone who is depressed gain weight or have a harder time loosing it then the same person who isn't depressed.

I ask because I started to take Dexedrine not long ago. I also noticed that depression that I didn't realize i had until just now is gone, and I am loosing weight. this is a good thing sense I am a big guy to begin with. I am aware of the fact I am also eating considerable less then I once was. lets assume this is not a variable, however for the sake of simplicity.

09-16-12, 10:16 PM
Many people who are depressed sleep more than normal, are less active than normal, and lack motivation to do much of anything, including exercise, all of which can lead to weight gain (in addition to eating more, as you mentioned).

I don't know if you'd call those "direct" effects, but they're all intertwined with metabolism, circadian rhythms, energy levels, etc.

Actually, that's another thing -- messing with circadian rhythms (day/night physiological patterns), which depression often does, is also associated with weight change and hormones related to appetite.

The Adderall could be affecting your weight in a number of ways, including suppressing appetite, improving self-control around food (if that's normally a problem), altering your metabolism (speeding it up), causing dehydration, increasing ability to plan and prepare healthy meals, prompting you to be more alert and active (if it has reduced the depression and you're getting out and about more), etc.

It's really tricky to disentangle all the pieces with depression, appetite, sleep, activity level, etc.

But glad to hear you're feeling better and shedding pounds you don't miss, in any case.

09-17-12, 09:27 AM
Thanks for the reply!

10-02-12, 03:31 AM
No doubt that depression effects dierectly on weight. With depression a person'e weight loses directly. I like this stuff and useful for everyone so thanks for sharing such a fantastic post.