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09-17-12, 04:09 PM
Hail poetry lovers and wordsmiths
I have been researching and putting together some poetry lessons and will be posting them here to test drive them.

I will try to start posting them soon

09-17-12, 05:52 PM
I'm in!

09-18-12, 12:05 PM
and me chica x

09-18-12, 12:10 PM
looking forward to it.

09-18-12, 12:42 PM
Thanks everyone who has responded so far. I am looking forward to learning
more about Poetry and putting it into practice by writing . I am looking forward
to reading what your creative minds produce as well.

My greatest desire is to give you all an opportunity to express yourselves,
maybe process what you are going through - as I have done at times - through poetry.

To me poetry , should be read and responded to. I hope dialogs will start that
enrich all of us, that give us a glimpse into each other's lives and better off for it.

It's not just a matter of strapping on your thinking caps to do this.
Go and experience life, all its ups and downs.

Take the time to LOOK at
that sunset.
the clouds
the precious newborn babe in his mom's arms
that goofy smile on a little boy
the homeless person begging for money that they probably will use for beer
teen girls giggling over something that you would not think is funny
to feel the cold damp grass after a rain.

take time to LISTEN
to the frogs croak
the rustling leaves in the wind on a fall day.
the music of a high school band wafting out from the football field
the hum of cars driving by your house
the tick tock tick tock of the clock that you can only hear when all else is still
the cry of a newborn babe swadled and wrapped in his mother's arms

Take time to SMELL
the smoke wafting from a chimney where a wood fire is roaring,
that scented candle you just lit
your favorite cologne or perfume
dinner cooking on the stove
the damp cool earth after a rain
the scent in the air of fall

Take time to LIVE
your life to it's fullest, whatever that maybe and use it to inspire you to write poetry. The good times and the hard times. Because where you are right this very moment many seem like a phase that will NEVER end but in a twinkling of an eye, the flash of a smile, it could end and a new one begin.

09-20-12, 03:33 AM
ha ha donīt expect anything creative from me, I donīt have a creative bone in my body, I am just interested to read what others write.

09-20-12, 05:08 AM
I'm in oh poetry herald.

09-20-12, 10:07 AM
ha ha donīt expect anything creative from me, I donīt have a creative bone in my body, I am just interested to read what others write.

I welcome your thoughts on what we write and who knows you might find a poetry bone in you after all ;)