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09-17-12, 11:33 PM
I'd like to try some meditation in order to be able to calm my mind, focus, and relax. For anyone with any experience with meditation, where do I begin. Are there different types of meditation that do different things? What about activities that are both mentally and physically relaxing like Tai Chi? My goal is to achieve better focus and decrease my mental and physical tension.

09-17-12, 11:38 PM
I have been trying for years, literally! And I cannot seem to do it. I have been consulting with a medium who is also my spiritual advisor of sorts. I have a ways to go, but I still try to set an hour aside each week to attempt this , without luck. I am hopeful that one day I too will get in touch with my center and will become capable. I truly believe having ADD is my downfall when it comes to being incapable of meditation. Good luck!

09-18-12, 01:01 AM
Here's some links from the meditation/spirituality section of the forum that may be helpful:

Hope there's something useful in there for ya'!


09-18-12, 03:57 AM

Look up Vipassana meditation. I have been practicing meditation now for about 2 years.

09-18-12, 04:09 PM
Do this with a class. Mindfulness Meditation is where most of the studies for ADHD have been done. You will likely find that if you do this by yourself it will be very difficult. At least it was for me. With guidance though in a group class setting it was much easier. It has also helped as a calming influence. The catch is always going to be to take the time to stop each day and do it.

Classes are given at various health centers in most communities with many private places also offering meditation classes. It is thought of as so useful to your general health that my health insurance carrier paid for the classes.

09-18-12, 04:12 PM
Also if anyone live in a pretty big city or at least a decently populated one there are social group sites like meetup that have meditation groups that are usually free; not to mention add/adhd usually.

ana futura
09-18-12, 04:22 PM
Yeah, mindfulness meditation is the way to go. It's based in Vipassana and Zen Buddhism, so you could try out a Zen group as well. Just be sure they are relaxed style- some of the stricter Zen groups frown on wriggling or getting up if you need. Japanese Zen tends to be stricter, Korean Zen tends to be more relaxed, but it depends entirely on the group. The point of mindfulness meditation is not to "clear your mind". Instead, it is to learn how to bring yourself back if you start to wander.

"The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD" by Lidia Zylowska is an excellent book and a great place to start. There is a CD of guided meditations that come with it, they're really good. I think I recommend this book at least once a day on these forums :rolleyes:

Tai Chi and yoga are good as well. Tai Chi is excellent for ADHD. And omg, is it hard! So much more difficult than it looks, but the results are worth it.