View Full Version : How on earth does one ask for, let alone get, a prescreption for Desoxyn?

Rofl Copter
09-18-12, 12:10 AM
I have had some pretty bad side effects with my prescription to Concerta, and while I would be OK with trying Adderall I worry that I will simply have the same side effects on it too. Anxiety, heart palpitations, sore chest, cold hands and feet, etc etc. From what I've read Desoxyn sounds almost miraculous, but I highly doubt any doctor would ever prescribe it to someone who has tried as few medications as I have. Is there any way I could bring it up to him as a serious option to consider without looking as though I just want to get my hands on meth? Would he even entertain such a thing? I honestly don't know how anyone could get their doctor around the stigma attatched to methamphetamine.

09-18-12, 04:43 AM
Desoxyn is genrally ruled as a last resort treatment for adhd and you may want to try other meds before asking for that one. Not that there is anything wrong with it because there are a lot of ignorant doctors that assume your looking to get high but give the other meds a try first.

Rofl Copter
09-19-12, 02:37 AM
Also, and perhaps more importantly, is Desoxyn (or an equivalent) legal to prescribe in Canada?

09-22-12, 02:50 PM
Nope. No Desoxyn in Canada.

09-23-12, 10:43 PM
In a similar situation where I'm thinking about asking for/about it.

Adderall was great for me but I'm getting a tolerance for it and it doesn't really work as great as it was... this is after about three months of use but I know a lot of people have no tolerance issues with it all.

Quick question for those who might know... Is desoxyn good for ADHD + Anxiety(minor-moderate). I've seen some people saying it has a calming effect and I definitely need that.

10-02-12, 01:46 PM
You are fortunate to have access to brand name Dexedrine in Canada, however. Desoxyn isn't that big of a deal, scientifically.

10-04-12, 11:36 PM
Desoxyn IS more calming, almost sedating at doses lower than 15mg. 15mg 3x per day equals nine pills. Docs aren't too comfortable with those figures. Additionally, it's wildly expensive and hard to dose. Best amphetamine? Could be. Worth all the trouble? No.

11-09-12, 04:03 PM
If you have anxiety and need a stimulant, Desoxyn is a life saver!

I have been cycled through every stimulant, spending a year on some and only a few days on others. The last one was Dexedrine ER, which I took for over a year. During that time, a finally stopped taking Clonopin, because lets face it, it is not effective after 6 months tops (4 months according to the FDA and the European counter part).

After stopping Clonopin, I had to lower the dose of the Dexedrine, until I was below 15 mg per day. Lowering was great at first, because this was the benefit of getting off the Clonopin, but eventually the lower dose was becoming insufficient.

Towards the end, which was 6 weeks ago, taking 5 mg of Dexedrine at a time was the most I could tolarate, but by the end of the day and after my 3rd dose, my anxiety was WAY bad and required some kind of a downer. My social life was non-existent.

I was not happy with the therapy and out of desperation asked my doc for Desoxyn, and now realize how sad it is that this is the last drug some doctors will try, while others will not even discuss it, and entire countries have it banned.

After switching to Desoxyn, I have been more productive than I ever though possible, my decision making and outlook are better than ever before, my anxiety is suppressed better than by any benzo, and, I have only slight and negligible peripheral (cardiovascular, dermatological and gastrointestinal, maybe others) side effects, while the peripheral side effects even on Dexedrine were a very serious issue.

Sure Desoxyn does not have the crystal-clear focus of Dexedrine, but that clarity comes at a price I was no longer willing to pay. And although the slight loss of clarity is distracting when switching from Dexedrine to Desoxyn, I can tell you from experience that within a few weeks one adjusts and no longer notices this issue. There is even the possibility that this change in clarity is the result of the change in meds, and goes away after the adjustment period.

11-09-12, 04:27 PM
And regarding how to ask for it..

If you are in a country where the drug is banned or not available, I can't help you, perhaps someone else will know. But in US, you have to explain to the doctor that what you are taking now is not ideal due to the vast list of side effects you are actually experiencing and their intensity. Or as was the case with me, this was anxiety, which was severe enough to make me consider stopping therapy.

The following will take place after you have this conversation:

The doc might say that he does not prescribe Desoxyn, and does not plan to start. If this is the case, then this doctor is a dead end. I would suggest that this doctor does not have your best interest in mind, and to find a new doc. Finding a doc who already has patients on Desoxyn would be the way to go. Finding such a doc is not as difficult as it sounds. I would suggest looking for doctors associated with psychiatric departments of major regional hospitals, where they have huge numbers of vary different types of patients, who require the full range of available drugs. This is in contrast to the doctors who in an effort to build safe and secure and stable practices for them selves begin to be averse to just about anything they perceive even as a remote risk, falling prey to public misconception associated with words such as meth (Desoxyn) or GHB (Xyrem).

On the other hand, the doc might suggest additional drugs to manage the side effects, such as benzos for anxiety, or even SSRIs. You need to have a good response on why you don't want to go in this direction, and this is a separate topic which is too big to delve into here. Obviously if you are already on benzos this is not a huge issue, although I would urge you to consider getting off them.

If the doctor suggests that you try other stimulants that you have not tried yet, but not Desoxyn just yet, this is a good sign, but only if you understand that he is not ruling out the Desoxy, but only wants to try the others first. Indeed, this is the right way to go. Unless you can provide records from previous docs that you have already tried everything, the best docs will begin with the methylphenidate options and go from there (or even with C-4 drugs like Modafinil).

Trying these meds diligently and coming back is in your best interest. When methylphenidate did not work for me, I was back at the office THE NEXT DAY and getting a different script (I had a weird reaction to it). Some I tried for several months, which was the case with Adderall, and some unfortunately longer (Vyvance), but I would suggest you look at the side effects, document them for your self, and come back within weeks if you must.

Even if you don't care about trying everything out of your own best interest, understand that the doc needs this paper trail to justify what is considered by the idiotic war on drugs as a high risk medication.

If all this sounds like too much work, I can tell you this is not the case. If you leverage your effort by going to the right doc, asking for the right meds, giving good reasons for doing so and good reasons for not going in other directions, and allowing the doc to create the paper trails he needs to feel comfortable with his decisions, you can get the medication that works best for you in a matter of weeks and not waste years on debilitating side effects.

11-11-12, 07:15 AM
Desoxyn had the strongest calming effect out of adderall, dexedrine, and vyvanse. I honestly think it should be given as a first line med because it really had no efficacy for what it was being prescribed for (Inattentive ADD).

20mg once a day was enough to make me want to sleep from the sedative feeling I was experiencing.

11-19-12, 01:02 PM
despite the stigma surrounding desoxyn, i find it also to be the least "stimulating" adhd med (after being on adderall, adderall xr, dextrostat and desoxyn .. currently on dextrostat) ... i would say the biggest difference is whereas the energy boost you get from adderall or even dextrostat, the feeling of forced motivation that you HAVE to be doing something, is not as strong with desoxyn. desoxyn gives you a clear mind and the focus to do those things should you chose. if your main problem is motivation, desoxyn might not be the drug for you. if you are seeking an adhd med that lacks the "wired" feeling and one that provides you with clearheadedness and the ability to perform tasks at your choosing, and not from an "energy rush", then desoxyn might be worth looking into. i am now 27 and i have been seeing my psych since i was a junior in high school, and she is also aware i am very knowledgeable when it comes to medications and their actions, and the medication shortage is when i first switched from adderall to dextrostat. my doc was actually unfamilar with dextrostat and actually thanked me for introducing her to one of the non-"traditional" adhd meds ... then when dextrostat when on shortage, i mentioned trying desoxyn, citing how all 3 meds (adderall, dextrostat and desoxyn) and very similar, she had no problem letting me try it. it was hard to find so i had to get it through medco mail order. i stayed on for about 3 or 4 months before going back to my current med situation which is dextrostat 10mg 2tab TID and xanax 2mg TID and it works wonderfully .. i dont always need the full dextrostat amount, and my xanax dose hasnt had to be raised in almost 9 years ( not developing tolerance to benzos is considered a sign of true need )