View Full Version : Brocoli Slaw

12-17-04, 08:42 AM
This is a great! Not an exact amount recipe, Ya'll know how it is, I'll do my best...

cauliflower, small head
broccoli, small head
med. red onion
chedder chesse shredded, mild 2cup bag
1 pk of real hormel bacon bits
chopped pecans, about a cup
Now I cut the tops off the cauliflower and brocoli, and in small amounts, i chop them up in a food processor using "paulse" till they are finely chopped. do the onion the same way, then when you have all ingredeants in a big bowl mix in about 1-2 cups of hellmons mayo. 1 cup of suger and 3 tbls of white vinegar. may half to adjust mayo, depending on amount of ingredants used. This is a great favorite with freinds and faimily, I hope you enjoy!