View Full Version : Northern Califorina folk might reconize this

09-21-12, 06:31 PM

I did this , or started it back in the late 80's one day and finished it up in 97.

This one is in Canada where I head to go fishing. These 3 were shot with an old Nicon FG
center photo is the morning sun. Top and bottom setting.

02-09-13, 02:32 AM
I like the drawing.

02-09-13, 03:52 AM
I don't get out to the coast very often up there .....but taking a stab at it ...the Mendicino Lighthouse ....????

02-09-13, 04:25 AM
Gorgeous! Love it all!

02-12-13, 10:10 AM
Salleh, I believe that's where I did this pen and ink. it's been a while and so many light houses ago.

02-12-13, 10:26 AM
It was the landscape that made me think of Mendicino .....that does resemble the coast up there .....