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09-22-12, 11:57 AM



Keep it Appropriate (to the guidelines)
Keep it Real

One sentence observations on life that involve the senses

09-22-12, 12:00 PM
The room was cold into you walked in and warmed it with your smile.

09-22-12, 12:09 PM
A touch of Frost
can warm the heart

The cold glow of an autumn sunset
Kindles the light of love in my eyes

09-22-12, 01:37 PM

The scent of baking bread filled the kitchen, making my mouth water and bringing pleasant memories.

09-22-12, 04:06 PM
He looked outside and viewed a flag flapping with oak trees, with green leaves, swaying thirty yards behind it.

09-22-12, 04:41 PM
The familiar spice of curry soothed her homesick tastebuds

09-22-12, 05:24 PM
I silently swayed to the earth's beautiful melody that danced and twirled through the air, yet to all else they heard nothing.

09-22-12, 05:31 PM
The blanket mounded reassuring and while the old cat purrs whirring, I drift comfortably in the shadow of dreams.

09-22-12, 05:31 PM
Smoke lingered above, touching the ceiling, as the chef tried to put out the fire.

09-22-12, 05:48 PM
Tiny snowflakes fell from the starless sky as Karen and her lover cuddled underneath a fluffy blanket.

09-22-12, 05:55 PM
I stride through Spring, through columns of heady scent and home again, sneezing happily.

09-22-12, 06:03 PM
Someone started the engine of a car and muffled the voices of people playing football in the field with green grass next to them.

09-22-12, 06:16 PM
The echo bounced, freed momentarily to shout and tremble and quiver in the air.

09-22-12, 07:13 PM
A hundred motorcycle engines rumble in unison as the riders line up along

the street in front of the chapel to protect the dignity of another fallen soldier.

09-22-12, 07:24 PM
What a joy it is to see the pictures tumbling from my mind, form up on the page like new friends.

09-23-12, 12:24 AM
Sobbing uncontrollably, his tears streaming down his face and on to the old stone statue, He pauses, blows his nose and looks into the statues eyes and thinks...this face so reminds me of my beloved....sigh....shoulders droop, head bows and the tears flow again.... he feels so all alone now without her

09-23-12, 01:59 AM
Rain drops spattered on top of his shoulders as the paper deflected rain from reaching the top of his head.

09-23-12, 02:03 AM
Her arms moved down his body, after being crossed at the back of his head, as she began to caress his forearms.

09-23-12, 02:07 AM
The wild wind outside made the weeping willows sway and pounded against the glass windows.

09-23-12, 02:20 AM
A streak of yellow still remained on a piece of rotten fruit on the ground reminding her that soon she must burst forth before her demise.

09-23-12, 02:34 AM
opps, missed a few senses, will have to work on that.

09-23-12, 06:25 PM
The tickling sensation moved rapidly down her back between her soft yellow cotton top and her skin, she hoped fervently it wasn't a spider.

11-10-12, 12:10 AM
The rain fell sideways into the open window making the hard wood floors glisten under the moonlight.

11-12-12, 05:20 PM
the light of the moon played gently upon her face while she listened for the knock on her door from her beloved. The tick tock of her kitchen clock beat in time with the words running through her mined Lonely me, lonely me lonely me....She rustles through her handbag looking for...ah..there it is she smiles ..the last piece of chocolate... opening the wrapper , the aroma intoxicated her nostrils and lifted her spirits. Chocolate you are all mine, she thinkas she bites into the bar and savors it....