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09-22-12, 08:15 PM
Reminds me of the poem by Emily Dickinson...
My mind unraveled on the floor.

I'm saving this space from me to bring over pieces I've written elsewhere on the net and in order to add to/share those.

Writing brings me peace.
If any of you enjoy my pieces I'm doubly blessed.

09-22-12, 08:20 PM
Salt Dreaming

On a Summer's day when the sun was high
I splashed through the shallows
and lost my soul to the sea.

Years later, in Winters cold...
in shortened hours of pale sunshine
I sit on my rock watching the waves
and my heart clenches inside my chest
at the thought of those many dusty years
I've spent away from the liquid joy of the shore.

Endless deserts I have seen
Dawn over rivers of flocking birds
Mountain battlements flanked with twisted gums
Crystal salt-lakes
and earthy forests seeping with brilliant mossy life.

My heart loves the forest, the endless plain
the hanging mists over mountains high...
But none of these things can rid my blood of
the surging pulse of the surf
the storm winds blowing off the ocean...

Not since the day I lost my soul to the sea.

09-22-12, 08:26 PM
Dappled colour meshed with shadows
sunlight slants through my thoughts
twirling, shining, glowing tendrils...

drifting with Summer
warm with the future
growing, deepening, nestled in peace...

uncertainty ceases
fear receeds
worry drains away...

I am sunshine
I am warmth
I am contentment.



09-22-12, 08:37 PM

She is amazing
It's very easy for us to gloss over the good things isnt it
We get so stuck behind the walls of defence
and dont realise that we let the worst enemy stay on our side
it's the voice that agrees with 'them'

I wish I was there to hug her...
but in a way it's more powerful to heal from within...
supported but alone.


09-22-12, 08:47 PM
Haiku Amber

There are flower buds
forming on my dark plum tree:

second sign of spring


09-22-12, 09:00 PM
Winter's park

The dark water swirls and froths
over the slick rocks and
submerged logs


the air is sharp
cuts like a mirror-shard
as I stand beside you on the bridge
watching our sticks
brave the waterfall.

09-22-12, 09:05 PM

Happiness special, an extra 25% free in every bottle,

discount on dented cans of excitement,
low prices every day on bottom shelf boredom...

the new product of our era.

Life online, home-delivered..
no need to stir your thoughts,
those are streamed like spam to everyone
on our contact list.

Like our terracotta ancestors

... I remember rain.

09-22-12, 09:09 PM
:) I meant to say... Feel free to comment :)

I believe Poetry is meant for sharing.

09-22-12, 09:23 PM

The layered clamour plucks at me
makes the air heavy...
thick with meaning
discordant and demanding

I sag under the weight of incessent chatter
Fired across the kitchen
like five tennis matches in one small room.
The crowd roars...

I herd my children out the door
and as their conversation receeds in the distance
I unclench my shoulders and loosen my grip on myself
...quiet filters in.

I welcome it like an old friend
Small sounds trickle into my awareness...
a bird calls from the garden...
The traffic hums in the background...




09-22-12, 10:28 PM

This time we're doing it fast and strong...

muscles tense and flex
eyes narrow
lungs heave

pulses race to the count of another ten hard and focussed

giving one hundred percent
in pursuit of a shared goal

karateka together
seeking martial artistry

even the small boy in front of me
whose belt has come undone.

09-22-12, 10:32 PM

I search the halls
trying every door
rifle through empty drawers
and piles of mental boxes

I avidly follow seven heart-breaking stories at once
and trace the shadows
flicking across the windows of the train
while composing an angry conversation with my boss

I wonder why all of this seemed so unlikely when I arose
fresh in the crisp morning's dawn
that I would spend my day
lost in dreams...

09-22-12, 10:40 PM

The air was crisp like mint
From under pink noses cloud dragons erupted from every mouth,
strangely charged.

The usual scattered collection of travellers
milled or paused...
made more cautious by the frozen concrete underfoot.
Total strangers slipped and skated... surprised into conversation.

The train rumbled in.

09-22-12, 10:45 PM
The Mickle

A mad person, crazy man...
when someone mentions dynamite.
Acting like a kid with a favorite toy.
Cracking lots of sick jokes,
Laughing as we chase him down.
His blue eyes twinkle as he makes us groan.

He acts like a magpie,
collecting lots of useful things.
heaps and piles of Useful Things - ten feet high
If he lives another twenty years...
another twenty thousand years...
he'd never find a use for all the useful things he has.

Mad person, climbing trees...
acting like a ten year old
doing things that everyone knows adults shouldn't do.
Fun person, silly man...
Learning how to horse-ride
Overdoing it
Groaning with sore muscles for a week.

Friendly person, loving man...
Watching his mother fade.
How much of my father will surface in me?

09-23-12, 07:37 AM

Poster children for romance embrace, flattened in a shopping trolley
The wind gusts ripple over rainbowed puddles on dark asphalt

Head down, shoppers scurry to the unnatural haven
of heady lights and red spot specials.

09-23-12, 06:05 PM
This marks the limit of my previous pieces.
Everything posted beyond this point will be new work.

Thanks for browsing, I invite you to critique/comment, share your impressions.