View Full Version : L'autre c'est moi (The other one is me)

09-25-12, 07:48 AM
The assignment was drawing a devil in a box with instead of a devil, our own face coming out.

My latest creation during school. Idealized me : longer chin, shorter nose and more mature face (not a fossil either) . Don't say hippie or Jesus, say Australian !

Really, I don't care about quality as long as I have my pencil and paper...

My largest shortcoming is patience for details. Incapable of taking my time (more than 10 minutes) I'm always rushing through at the speed of my mind... helas, that is not the speed of my hand... So quiet often, my creations look quiet simplistic in comparison to actual artists due to this. Indeed, I don't consider myself among that breed...


09-25-12, 09:08 AM
OCYAN one of the things I would practice doing to settle myself down is to start with a simple line or dot and work out from that 1st point.
, Exploring all the thoughts I had in my head. With a thought in mine I would let the pen go pulling bit by bit out of the picture I see in my mind. This enabled me to slow down and visualize where my thoughts were taking me and giving me more and more understanding of how to coordinate my hand , eyes and thoughts.
I have filled a dozen books with mind drawing of Pen and inks.
I think you can see some in my albums.

09-25-12, 10:08 AM
Nice! I can see the feeling in the eyes. There's a depth to them.